Saturday, 24 June 2017


Venturing off in South East Asia - The Beginning

singapore skyline

It's starting to sound old, but again here is another post that seemingly appears to be coming out of no where. It's been almost a year and a half since the last post right? Some how this doesn't sound any different to my last post, which also had me thinking 'Wow, this is the first time I'm posting in a year'.

Regardless, a lot can change in one year. The last six months has been, what feels like a 'once in a life time experience' and will be something that I will not forget.

marina bay sands on the marina bay in singapore
An unmistakable view in Singapore.

I decided to do take part in the exchange program that was available in my program, and so for my last semester of undergrad I had the opportunity to complete it in Singapore! The fact that I've decided to give this blog an update at the very end after it has wrapped up is pretty unfortunate, but better late than never? 

For now I'm just hoping to do a brief update, to be honest I really do it owe it to myself to put some more in depth entries about my trip but for now this will have to do. For a lot of the travels, I do have some of our rough trip itineraries so perhaps I'll simply post them along with some photos. 

Some our outfits all looked pretty coordinated but it was really just a coincidence. 

Throughout this exchange I lived in a flat as group of six SMU students, which comprised two French girls, two Finnish boys, an American and a Canadian (me)! To be honest it was quite risky going into this living situation. We had never met and simply found ourselves in one group rather randomly, as a result of a Facebook group that had been created for the incoming SMU exchange students. 
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