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KOR Nava Bottle Review

Why, hello, hello!

It's been nearly an entire year since I last made a post. Which is frankly quite scary. How did I abandon it for so long? So much has happened since then!

Fortunately, it's my reading week, and I have had a review that has been waiting to be written for the longest time.

It all started with my search for the perfect water bottle. The thing about me, is that I could probably live on 1 cup of water a day. And what you probably know, is that most people survive on more - much more. It's actually quite unhealthy being so dehydrated all the time!

So what I first realized, was that: bottles with straws are much more effective. I know it's actually not just me. A lot of people have agreed in saying that they are more likely to drink water when their bottle has a straw attached to it. So that being said, this was the first criteria my bottle needed to satisfy. But this list actually had a few components which is what made it so hard

Water Bottle Criteria:
- Has a straw attached
- Has a filter (being able to refill it anywhere, is frankly quite convenient - you could even fill it in the washroom using tap and it would still be fine!)
- Aesthetically pleasing - it has to look nice!
- Not too expensive

That being said, it is amazing how hard it was to find a bottle that would satisfy these needs. Brita has quite a few bottles that are filtered, unfortunately, I find them to be quite ugly.

Currently S'well bottles are all the rage - unfortunately they don't meet the rest of my requirements.

Anyways, I came across the KOR Nava Bottle. And to be completely honest, I thought about this for a while. I wasn't sure if I wanted to spend the $20 or so on this bottle, despite the fact that most bottles including Camelbak do fall around this range. What I ended up doing was contacting KOR, and asking if I could have one for review, and I was luckily enough they obliged! So although, I wouldn't say this is a sponsored post, I do have to say that I was provided the bottle; however, if I didn't actually like it I would write exactly that! Instead, I am happy that I absolutely love it and bring it with me everywhere. I actually received in when I was on vacation in Miami which explains the pretty back drop.

My thoughts on this water bottle:
So first of all, it is so pretty! I love how it looks, and the fact that you can see through it with the clear panels. I feel like its look is incredibly unique. Of course it would look nicer, without the straw and filter in the middle of it - but that's something that I wanted. I believe that they do actually sell this without the filter.

Secondly, I love how it just 'pops' open. You press on the purple button, and the lid flies right back. It also has a really great seal. I can almost guarantee you that it won't leak - the only time it has was purely my own fault (I had screwed on the lid wrong).

It's also super easy to hold onto due to the moulding of the lid. If you had a carabiner you could easily attach it onto your bag/backpack.

I haven't used the Camelbak straw in quite a while, so I can't compare it directly, but I do really like this straw! It has a good texture, and I like the shape of the mouthpiece. The only problem, I find is that I think that sometimes the straw does require you to suck on it harder than with other bottles. I think, that this happens more so when there's only a little bit of water left in the water bottle.

The filter actually does work. Sometimes I'm feeling super lazy, and don't feel like going downstairs to the kitchen for water and will just head over to the upstairs washroom.  The tap water is safe to drink in theory, but I swear that there is a bit of a smell. When I drink out of the water it tastes great, with no strange tastes or smells.

Overall, I would give this bottle a 9/10. I would give it a 10, if the straw was a little bit easier to drink through!

KOR Nava Water Bottle Review

KOR Nava Water Bottle Review
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KOR Nava Water Bottle Review

KOR Nava Water Bottle Review

KOR Nava Water Bottle Review

KOR Nava Water Bottle Review

KOR Nava Water Bottle Filter

KOR Nava Water Bottle Filter

KOR Nava Water Bottle Filter
The filter just gets popped right in to the straw.

KOR Nava Water Bottle Filter