Monday, 27 April 2015


Fantastic Deal from! $50 off with Free Shipping

Head over HERE!

Don't be alarmed if you see a deal at the top of the page for '25%' off, just keep scrolling down the page! I think there may be a $100 minimum to apply the coupon so keep that in mind.

There's also an 8% Cashback if you use Ebates (disclaimer: I have provided a link that has a referral code attached if you choose not to use it just Google their website!).

They have a bunch of great brands such as Hunter, Steve Madden, Sperry (YES! I've been eyeing a pair of these), Blunderstone and more.

I believe that it is a Canadian site; however, they are expanding to the US! With great promotions like this, they sure are establishing a strong presence for themselves. They also have some other great perks which really stood out to me:
  • They offer free shipping on all orders 
    • a really bold move on their part, shipping is expensive and if you think about it most companies have a minimum which range from $50-100!
  • They allow returns and exchanges, and even provide you with a shipping label
    • from what I understood, and there is a 100 day window which is quite fair
    • I realized that I may have misunderstood there return policy and have added the clarification I received: 
      • "At this time we can only issue a refund to the method of payment for returns made within 30 days of a customer receiving their item. We still allow returns and exchanges up to 100 days but returned items can only be issued a store credit at that time"
I also got this message earlier on when I tried to place a second order that happened to be under the minimum order: "Your cart isn’t eligible for this discount, but if you’d like to make this a final sale, you can save 4% with the code FITCONFIDENT." I thought that it was a pretty cool policy on their behalf - they're willing to give you a small discount if you really want it in exchange for the final sale.

This deal has got me so excited, $50 makes such a big difference -especially with shoes that are around $100 - it's essentially half price.

I also wanted to apologize, I haven't posted in a really long time since it is April and without a doubt exam season. Fortunately, I only have one more to go before I start my summer. I have some exciting months planned and may have a lot more 'travelling' posts that are different from my usual, I hope you find them just as interesting (if not more).


EDIT: So I received it, and I am absolutely loving this website. I placed an order only a few days ago and the order has already arrived. I didn't think there was any possibility that it would arrive before I left for vacation but they surpassed my expectations! Unfortunately, I underestimated the shoe sizing and will be needing to exchange it for a bigger side. This makes me so happy to know that the exchange process is so easy. I called them just now and had the smoothest customer assistance I've had in a while. All they asked for was the order number and the size I needed, and that's it! Basically a return label will be coming in the mail along with a new pair of shoes.

Furthermore, inside the box was a little card holder that says ' A gift for you ' and  it contained a card with a '10$ off minimum 80$ coupon'. I thought this was a really nice touch!

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