Thursday, 19 March 2015


Tory Burch Private Sale!

Just got the email twenty minutes ago, and there are some pretty great deals! Head over to the sale by clicking here!

Tory Burch Private Sale March 2015
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Right off the bat I noticed some good deals:

Tory Burch Private Sale March 2015

I remember eyeing this when it was at it's regular full price! I've seen it come down before but not quite to $99!

There are also quite a few wallets for $99-160 which is pretty good for Tory Burch seeing as they're usually around $200.

Tory Burch Private Sale March 2015

Edit: I am so disappointed.. I thought items would go fast but not that fast. I decided for once that I should listen to my online lecture (real time, as opposed to listening to it after it had been recorded so I would be forced to listen it all in one go as opposed to pausing and stopping) and because of that and lunch I put off shopping the sale for about 1.5h!

I returned only to realize that most of the wallets I had been eyeing that were marked around the $99 price point were no longer in sale.
I hope that one of you guys had better luck that I did :(

Edit: I checked back the next morning and noticed that the 'Stacked T Zip Continental' Wallet was available in Ballet Pink. I was somewhat wary of it, I thought the horizontal line going across it was a little bit strange but nearly bought it since it was such a good price.

Tory Burch Private Sale March 2015

I had placed it in my cart and was ready to go until I saw this:
I also realized that exchange rate has only gotten worse..100$ USD is 127CAD ?! 

And realized that this was meant to stay in the cart.

Does this ever happen to you? Do you have those times where you are all ready to check out only to realize (usually due to shipping) that it was simply not meant to be?

Tuesday, 3 March 2015


Current 'Go-To' Makeup Products!

So I've seen plenty of bloggers post their February favourites (makeup) and that inspired me to do one myself! I always love to see what other products other people are using, or what they had in their makeup bag so I decided to show you which products I use the most frequently.

Favourite Makeup Urban Decay Nars Naked Palette Benefit Marc by Marc Jacobs

For some things I actually switch between two products if I'm being indecisive or I simply haven't decided which I like better.

So for mascara, as I mentioned I really like using my Loreal Voluminous and 'They're Real' by Benefit.

To curl my eye lashes I've been using this mini eyelash curler by Belvada that I actually got almost two years ago from a Topbox. Talk about a good find! I've actually tried the Shiseido curler that is pretty popular among asian bloggers but actually found that this works better. It has a flatter edge and it seems to just work better on me!