Monday, 2 February 2015


Bloggers! Do you ever..

Just think of something that makes you go: "I have to write a post about this - like, right now?! "

A lot of times throughout my day, I'll think about something (usually a product or something) that I really just want to post about it - just because I love it that much. With school and other priorities, it's not always sensible to drop everything on the spot and to do just that. So instead, I'll post a draft with my idea as a header so I remember to write about it later.

But right now, in the midst of watching a lecture online, and eating, I really wanted to share this with you - I wanted to tell you about my lunch.After finishing both my snack and my lunch, I realized that everything I had was from costco!

As a university student it can be troubling to bring healthy lunches to school. Sometimes it's just more inconvenient, but at the same time eating out too much will definitely put a dent in your pocket.

So the problem with nut mixes, is that although they are full of great fats, they have quite a load of calories. I measured out the 'serving size' of 1/3 cup and packed it into a little container. Honestly, I don't even think I like the nuts that much - what gets me are the yogurt chips and dried cranberries, it actually just tastes like candy! Normally I eat way less than 1/3 cup (because I didn't know how much it was) I would eat small handfuls as I past the kitchen. Were you aware that just 1/3 of a cup has 200 calories??

Next, I had the most delicious salad. It's so simply but tasty at the same time. I bought a kale and arugula pack at Costco for around $4 - I feel like this is pretty normal price, but the size of the container was huge! They packed so much into it that you are definitely getting your moneys worth.

Inside the salad I put the most delicious chicken. Costco sells an entire rotisserie chicken for $8, and I swear it is one of the best chickens out there. I made my roommates each try some and they all agreed that Costco had magically locked in so much moisture and flavour. I've definitely been eating this every day; shredding it up for my salad was definitely a great idea. Did you know Costco Rotisserie chicken is so beloved that it has its own Facebook page? 

On top of this, I purchased these 'Love Beets' from Costco. They are amazing!! They come pre-cooked ( yes, there is no hassle involved) and pre packaged, making them extremely convenient. All I did was pop open a pack, and diced up a beet before dropping it into a salad. These beets last pretty long in the fridge, usually the expiration date is about 2-3 months from my date of purchase meaning that I'm not rushed to finish the entire case (since it is from Costco, it does come with a lot).

Finally, I top it with a raspberry balsamic vinegar. Yes there is a little bit more sugar than the regular one, but in all honesty I think it's fine because it makes a big enough of a difference in my level of enjoyment and it's not filled with as much cream and fat as other alternate salad dressings. I realized this was the one product that I used which was not from Costco. 

Anyways this salad really only has two things, chicken and beets. But the chicken has so much flavor, and the dressing just taste so good, that together it is still an extremely satisfying lunch. It's pretty healthy too, the bulk of the calories come from the chicken alone and because you are tear them into strips you don't even need to put in too much.

What are your favourite go to 'healthy' meals? Do you have a 'must buy' Costco item? :) Tell me in the comments!


  1. girlll, thanks for these tips. Seriously, I am going through the same trouble of packing healthy lunches on the go, I have to try those beets, that is perfect!!! Great blog.

    1. You're welcome!! It's so easy to brush off packing a lunch sometimes but then you're usually stuck with paying for something overpriced and super unhealthy.


  2. I'm actually trying to eat healthier so I do make and drink a lot of smoothies!!! ;) xoxo

    1. I love smoothies - the worst is when I don't have any frozen bananas since they make it so much better and thicker.

      Thanks for replying!



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