Wednesday, 28 January 2015


Vaseline Spray & Go Aloe Fresh Review

Have you ever heard a phrase that says something like 'The most expensive/valuable camera you can have is the one you actually have with you'? People usually say this to reference the convenience that cell phones have given us by allowing us to always have a camera on hand, since let's face it - people are rarely without their phones, which is more valuable than a high quality, bulky, expensive DSLR that stays at home.

Well.. this has nothing to do with cameras - but it does have a lot to do with convenience. I've been meaning to write this short post for a while, but haven't gotten around to doing it due to a lack of time.

The thing with moisturizers is that there are a ton of them. There's such a large variety of them, all with various benefits and distinguishing features among them. There are shelves dedicated to creams both at the drug store, and even at higher end shops such as Sephora.

People are always raving about Shea butter, or the most moisturizing cream - and so I tend to fall for it. I buy them, but after that they collect dust on the shelf. My biggest problem is that I never moisturize. It's one of those things that I know I should do, but I just forget to or don't feel inclined to do.

But this, spray has been a game changer. For some reason, when my eyes glance past it, they actually stop - and somehow I think 'wow, I should just pick up the spray, I should actually use it'. Normally I look right past my moisturizers but the sheer convenience of the spray is enough for me to change my habits. This is why I absolutely love it. Who knows, maybe if I start to develop the habit further I'll actually remember to moisturize with other creams that aren't spray on.

Anyways, I find this spray pretty moisturizing in addition to convenient. If you are someone who is trying to moisturize more, which is probably most people who is also experiencing this dry Winter weather, I highly recommend it!

It is kind of expensive, I mean it's listed around $7 on the Walmart website and in comparison to the pump that it usually comes in you are getting a lot less product. But even if it was cheaper and you get more product, it won't mean much if you're not using it right? Also just to let you know, after you spray it in you do need to rub it in a little bit (like spray on sun screen) but nevertheless it is still pretty fantastic. I also like the aloe scent, it is definitely not too strong - for anyone who does not like scented products.

Have you tried this or any of Vaseline's other products? What are your thoughts? Let me know!


  1. Thanks for sharing this post, honey. You are not alone, sometimes I forget to use my moisturizer as well. xx


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