Wednesday, 3 December 2014


Awesome Affordable Phone Cases

I like to buy my phone cases online - why? Because it's phenomenal. You can get the case shipped to your house, including the case itself, for just $1. It's crazy, and it also works!

So today I decided to scour Amazon for some snazzy new cases. In particular, I was looking for something that was partially transparent, I had spent a good amount of time combing through ads when I had initially bought my iPhone and had insisted on purchasing one that was Gold. So I figure now that I shouldn't have done that, or I might as well show it off now.

So here are some cases I thought were pretty interesting that were around $5 including shopping and revealed the back of the phone (there may be one or two outliers).

1.  2. 3.  4.  5. 6.  7. 8.  9. 10.  11.

Where do you buy your cases from? Do you have a favourite amongst any of these selected cases? Let me know!

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