Tuesday, 4 November 2014


Sephora VIB Sale 20% Off! US and Canada

Hey Everyone,

If you didn't know, there was just a Friends and Family sale that ended just around the corner (October 30th). I say this because- I actually didn't know. You would think that following a bunch of beauty and lifestyle blogs this would have jumped out somewhere and caught my attention but I had no idea!

Sephora's personalized holiday email
No Fear - There is another sale following suit! It starts on November 6th, and it's to reward all of its VIB and VIB Rouge members. That's not to say I actually have a VIB account.

Again - don't worry, because apparently these members will all have a Friends code! Although VIB members will have a general 'VIBgift' code, that appears to work for multiple purchases within this window, they do get one time code they can share with those around them.

So if you know someone who has one, maybe they will be kind enough to share one with you. What worked for me last year was heading over to Sephora's Facebook page. People were kind enough to post on the wall that they had extra code's they were willing to message, yes, kind and generous people do exist.

What are you planning to buy with your 20% off? Oh and did you love their new customized emails or what!? I'm looking at a NARS blush and bronzer along with an eyeliner set; I'm also torn over whether to take the splurge for a YSL lipstick or not - I mean how pretty is it..

Edit: I feel like no one is really doing it this year on the FB, although there was a Reddit page there is a huge imbalance in the ratio of Beauty Insiders: VIB. If anyone is willing to share an extra code leave a comment - perhaps we could get some discussion going on here. Anyone who isn't using theirs reply, hopefully we can pair up some unused codes and get some use out of em!

Edit 2: Apparently there are so many loyal sephora customers, or makeup addicts (self-proclaimed) that Sephora's website has been crashing all night for people. It is still crashing as of 2pm Thursday.

Sephora's Notice when the Site Crashed during VIB Beauty Sale

Edit 3: Got a code! But it actually is pretty confusing; a kind soul tried to forward me her email but I and could not find the code anywhere on the email. People said that they would simply message 'the code' but it was only later, in a comment buried down in the thread, that I found out that you (the VIB) have to go to this URL to enter your First Name, Last Name and email along with the email of the person you are donating it to.

Sephora's Email with Friend Coupon for VIB Members


  1. Just sign up to be a VIB! I think it is free and you can do it in stores!

    1. Hi! Signing up in stores gives you the Beauty Insider card (which I already have) and is quite frankly pretty awesome just because of the point perks and the Birthday Gift but this event is reserved for VIB members and VIBrouge. Do you have that membership status by any chance?

  2. Im vib rouge I have a extra code if you need it

    1. I found one! Thank's so much for putting up the offer, if someone else needs one reply to this comment :)

    2. can i please use the extra code if you still have it? im only a beauty insider :( jp.april8@gmail.com thanks

  3. please send it to me! herethewholetime@live.ca

  4. I would love a code! If anyone has an extra one, please send to arex74 at gmail. Thanks in advance!

  5. I am also looking for a code - if anyone has one i would love to use it - thanks

  6. I'd be so greatful for a code, if anyone is generous enough.... emily.busija@gmail.com TIA


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