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October Nature Box 2014 Review (Canada)

It's kind of funny, sometimes you have those days where you're just so easily swayed and so impulsive..

That is exactly the type of day I had when I ordered my Nature Box. I ordered it the afternoon after having heard of it for the first time. I mean I've had a subscription service before with Topbox (here's another Topbox review and one for Loose Button) and have always loved them, since I love to receive things in my mail - that are not credit statements.

NatureBox sends monthly packages of snacks to your door, and what makes these snacks so great (other than the fact that it arrives right at your door) is that they are healthy snacks and they are extremely creative. I have never heard of the snacks that I received and actually really liked them.

Taken from their site: NatureBox Discovery Snack Boxes. Each month, your box will include five different NatureBox snacks made from wholesome ingredients. In fact, our nutritionist-approved foods are minimally processed, if at all. To get a better idea of what you can expect in your subscription, here are some of our past NatureBoxes

I found out it was American, well there's a surprise, but they were extending a 'beta' version to Canadians as well. The difference is that we don't get to choose our snacks and can only receive a 'fixed' box of the month.

So this is what I received for October! I know that it is November, which means that it is extremely late - but I mean, I'm sure people like to see what Nature Box has sent out previously and just to see everyone else's reactions right?

Here are the photos taken from their website, I forgot to take a photo when I still had the packaging and am smacking myself for that. I think it's so much more fun to see everything from start to end which is why all the unpacking videos on youtube are also so popular. I've placed them in order from my favourite to least favourite.

This snack was absolutely delicious. It was the first one I had (well because it seemed chocolate-y) and it was the first one to go, since I liked it so much! It's kind of funny because I looked at one other article just to see how other people liked it, and it seemed like some people didn't like it at all. I thought these were great, they hit the spot and felt like a snack that I was indulging in only to find out that it was still pretty nutritious and good for you! I wish that I could purchase these stand-alone.

Alrighty so these are kind of mustardy. I thought it actually had 'mustard' printed on the packaging, but maybe I just assumed so based off of the name. Anyhow, I can't say that I love mustard - sometimes I'll put some on a hamburger just because I feel like it's the thing to do and it gets paired up with ketchup. But, it didn't really seem that appealing to me. I was surprised with the flavour but generally took a liking to it for the most part. It's probably because it is honey flavoured so there is a little bit of sweetness. The pretzels themselves were actually great and bite sized!
Alright so this was also something that I found to be really unusual. I mean, lentil loops? I've never even had lentils (to my knowledge). These were so good!! I felt like I was eating a type of chips, I think it might have had some potato flour or something, but it had the perfect crunch and texture. The only thing I didn't like about these were the flavour, but that's just me - I don't even season my food with peppers. If these came in another flavour I would have ranked this even higher.

 These were alright. I mean they didn't taste like anything special to me, and relative to the first few snacks they also were a lot less creative. 
I didn't really like these that much, but that's just because it's not really the type of snack that I prefer. I don't really like raisins too much, but I mean there are times where I do like dried cranberries. These were pretty sweet and would have been better if they had come with some granola or something.

Overall, I did like these snacks. They were really neat and came in fairly generous portions. The only downfall is that this service is fairly expensive and are normally around $20. I mean some of you might find that that's a perfectly acceptable amount to invest in healthy snacks but that's you. If you dig around online I believe there's always a ton of coupons. Personally I got mine using a $10 off so after shipping and tax and etc I feel like I paid around $14 for 5 snack packs. 

The only problem I found was that there was a glitch on their website which wouldn't show me where the button was to unsubscribe to the website. The first response I got was immediate but useless, they simply tried to get me to go to that same page which was not working. I had to email them a second time with a bit more of an edge telling them that I did not want to pay for a second month, this was when I finally received confirmation from them that they had cancelled it for me. 

I do wish that we had the same site functionality as the American site, perhaps when it finally gets here I will give it another try. I just went to their website to take a look at their snacks (this in itself was extremely difficult because the website kept redirecting me to the Canadian version), and there were soo many snacks that actually looked really good!

Have you ordered Nature Box before? Do you know of another subscription service that is really good? Leave me a comment I would love to hear from you! 

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