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Canada's Finest Coffee - Keurig Store Review (London)

At home with my roommates we all share a Keurig. We were lucky enough to have someone bring theirs in, and with that we all just buy our own K cups.

Mix and Match policy for K Cup Store Canada's Finest Coffee Keurigs have started to become a household staple - what it brought into our homes is something people truly value, convenience. I mean with the pop of a K cup you can quickly have a cup of coffee without the hassles of brewing an entire pot! And although it is less cost efficient than buying a pack of ground coffee, if it saves you from buying a cup of Starbucks or Tim Hortons then at the end of the day you really are still saving money.

So what I have always found really annoying is that for the most part Keurig packs come in boxes of uniform flavours and there are very few variety packs available. I would also be scared to try a new brand or flavour in case I didn't want an entire box of it. What I soon noticed was that all my roommates were coming back with other flavours and etc that I had never seen before! They had cool flavours such as 'Cinnabon' or different White Chocolates or Mocha Java cups. Apparently in their home towns they have these 'Keurig Variety' K cup stores dedicated solely to picking out K cups as if they were at a bulk barn!

From what I've heard is that these stores where you can pick out individual flavours exist in Whitby, Kingston, Waterloo and London as well! I'm so upset that none of these really exist in Markham or Toronto. You would think that a city that populated would have something like this or would be the first to have one, but I haven't been able to find one on google (let me know if you know of one)! It's a good thing I don't actually have a Keurig machine when I'm home so I guess I don't actually need a store when I'm there.

Anyways so today I went to my first K Cup store at Canada's Finest Coffee in London. It's kind of located in a little area outside of downtown. I couldn't find it at first but eventually we found the building. I think It's located at 'Unit 2' 775 Industrial Road - this is right off of Oxford, so if you are going east on Oxford make a left onto Industrial road.
Mix and Match policy for K Cup Store Canada's Finest Coffee
You cans ee the little trays here. 
I think the prices vary with these stores. Apparently the one in Whitby only charges 60c per K Cup, while it is a little more expensive over here. At this store it is either 6 for $5 (83c each) or 30 for $22 (73c each).
Mix and Match policy for K Cup Store Canada's Finest Coffee
 You can see the many bins of different flavours available here. They have regular coffee, flavoured coffees, hot chocolate as well as tea.
Bins of K Cups at Canada's Finest Coffee

Bins of K Cups at Canada's Finest Coffee

Bins of K Cups at Canada's Finest Coffee

A variety of K cups selected at Canada's Finest Coffee
This is what my friend ended up getting. I only ended up getting 6 cups, so I thought I would take a picture of this so you could see what a large variety they offer. This is so much more fun, in terms of trying out new drinks, than buying a regular box at the grocery store!

Hot Chocolate from Canada's Finest Coffee
The store is actually quite friend, and also have this great policy where they allow anyone in the store to try out a K cup of their choice. You get a drink for free! I decided to get a Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate - it was really sweet, just the way I like it.

If you are in London, check this out!

What city are you from? Have you heard of such a store, and do you have one that you visit ? Let me know in the comments!

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