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Black Friday featuring NYX Butter Gloss

If you live in the US you probably would have noticed all the hype that goes into Black Friday -and for good reason too, have you seen all the deals that come out? A couple of years ago, the only acknowledgement of this 'holiday' by Canadians were those that actually crossed the border to go cross-border shopping. However in the last few years Canadian retailers have been trying to keep us from leaving and have been trying to keep our spending/dollars within our own country. Now there are Black Friday sales in a large portion of stores here as well; however, it never feels exactly the same - the deals really don't seem to hold up to the Americans'. If you did not know, Black Friday -and the following weekend- is the same weekend as American thanksgiving and is renowned for its large sales.

Black Friday Victoria Secret Bombshell Perfume
Anyways nonetheless, my roommates and I decided to head over to the mall at 7:30am to see what we could find. A quick search on google, or other blogs already post a list of all the ongoing deals, flyers and etc so I won't be doing that. Instead I thought it would be fun to see what deals everyone actually jumped onto, what are you finds and steals??

So at La Senza they had a 40% store-wide special, which was perfect because I had actually been searching for a new beige bra. Check. Aerie also had 40% storewide except for PJ pants which had a buy one get one deal (or was it half off..).

Garage had 40% off a bunch of items in addition to some other promotional deals. I don't really shop at Garage, I mean some of their styles are not too bad - they copy whatever is selling well and the popular fads at the moment but it is targetted at a younger age group.

At Aritzia, even though they like to advertise 40-60% off discounts, reality is that the majority of store items only qualify for the 10% off - only a select few are more severely marked down. To be honest there probably are some that are marked off more significantly; however, their on sale price will still be quite high and over $100.

Urban Outfitters had its usual sale of 50% off sale items. I was actually pretty disappointed, I had gone in two days ago for a 20% off (everything) special  that they had going on and noticed that they hadn't really added anything to the sale section since. I will say that I do like the majority of clothing items that Urban sells, unfortunately my student budget really doesn't allow me to splurge on everything. Although their red-sticker sale items are fairly priced as well, what I truly adore Urban for is this '50% off sale' that they have several times a year. I mean I will fairly often be able to pick out cute tops for $5-10 - I mean where else can you do that really? I got a cardigan that was originally $100, marked down to $50 for $25. Along with a few other cardigans, those were the only interesting sale items my roommates and I noticed.

Finally, in reference to the photo at the top there: Victoria Secret. I will honestly say that it was probably my best buy. I bought "Bombshell" after hearing so many people rave about it and noticing that it seemed to a favourite amongst Victoria Secret's many scents. If you can tell in the photo, I bought the bigger size which is 3.4 oz - normally it's original price is ~$75! In store, they were selling every size (therefore go for the bigger one) for only $28. This was honestly one of the biggest reductions I saw all day and therefore one of my favourites.

Attached to the mall is a Target - so I ended up going just to see if there would be anything great. There wasn't anything too exciting, when I went over to the beauty department I realized that they carried NYX (a drugstore brand that is only carried at select stores, and cannot be found at Shoppers Drug Mart) - at this point a light bulb went off and I remembered reading all the online ravings about the 'Butter Gloss'. It's a drugstore lipgloss notorious for its superb quality and a great dupe, so I knew I had to check it out. The one I got is called "Angel Cake" - and the quality was just as good as I expected and it was about $9 after Tax(I don't know how much it is priced regularly)

NYX Angel Cake Butter Gloss

NYX Angel Cake Butter Gloss

NYX Angel Cake Butter Gloss
I'm wearing Angel Cake here, it's a really great neutral color and isn't overly pink either! 

What was your best Black Friday buy? Have you ever tried the NYX products, or more specifically this Butter Gloss? I'd love to hear from you :) leave a comment below!


  1. I have also done some BF shopping, but online, because I'm from Croatia (Europe) and we don't (still) have large sales, but there were some hints here and there of BF sales.. I bought some make up (of course :D) from!
    I think that this lip glosses from Nyx are 5 dollars in the USA, at least on their websites!! Haven't tried it yet, but I'm planning :D

    1. Hi Makeupfandra!

      That's such a nice place to live, I was there for a really brief amount of time when I was touring Europe and on vacation. I'm sure BF sales will start to creep over and become more international, I'm pretty sure ASOS had a sale and they ship everywhere! I'll be heading to see beautyjoint.. don't forget about Cyber Monday!

      You definitely should :) I checked out your blog, is there an option to read it in English?


    2. Thanks for cheking out my blog :) I have google translator gadget on the left side of blog.. It's not 100% accurate :) but it's not too bad :D

      I'm so happy that you were in Croatia!! Yes it's very nice country, especialy in summer :D

  2. omg this is such a pretty lipstick color. it really suits you tbh :)

    x cheyenne


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