Monday, 24 November 2014


Birchbox is Available in Canada!

So, it's finally here. Birchbox is a beauty/make up subscription service that has been available in the US for the past few years. In Canada, since we often get the short end of the stick and don't have the full access to products and services available to Americans, we have other alternative products or have to wait awhile before something arrives here.

So originally when I first heard about Birchbox, we only had TopBox and Luxebox by Loosebutton. If you look up Birchbox Canada on google you'll notice sometimes the prior mentioned services will actually show up as the "Canadian Birchbox". So I guess we are finally getting the real deal! They actually only announced it this month (November) so the first round of boxes will be available in December. I already saw a youtube video which showed an unboxing (I believe they received a box from a conference), I'm not sure if you actually want to do this as it might take out some of the surprise! Although these boxes tend to vary for people, so you might not even get the same thing.

Similarly to other services: there is an element of customization. I believe you take a short quiz just to determine some personal characteristics such as hair type, and skin type.

I've never actually received a Birchbox before, because it was only available in the US, and so if I do end up purchasing one it really will be new to me. I will however, be expecting it to be nicely packaged! I haven't had a subscription box in a while so it will definitely be nice to get something new in the mail (along with my credit statement).

Birchbox is $10 + 4.95 for shipping and taxes which puts it at a slightly higher price point - TopBox is $12 a month.

What I noticed on their website that did seem interesting was one of their incentives for posting reviews:

So although it does seem a little more expensive, you supposedly do receive a few dollars back in credit to spend on future purchases. I'm interested in learning more about this (they probably have a similar promotion going on in the states).

Will you be subscribing to BirchBox? Let me know, along with any other boxes you are currently subscribed to1

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