Tuesday, 21 October 2014


Cheap Find Alert! iPhone 4 to iPhone 5 Adapter

Hey Guys!

I made an amazing discovery the other day, unfortunately I think it will only be relevant to Canadian Shoppers.

So at this point, there are a lot of experienced iPhone users - you know who you are, this isn't your first, you just wanted to (had to) upgrade your phone. But the problem for anyone who upgraded from an iPhone earlier than the 5 to the 5/5S or 6 is that they changed the port.

 Instead of '30 pins' it is requires an 8 pin plug that can be plugged in (either way) and occupies less space. The problem with this is that, your amazing speakers/docks won't work any more! And I don't know about you, but because we're always on campus and the iPhone batteries never last an entire day, me and my friends have all resorted to having at least two phone chargers. One that can be kept at the bed side and another one for travelling around with (having to plug in and move around the same charger everyday can really become a hassle and inconvenient - think being snuggled in bed and realizing your charger is downstairs).

So when I upgraded to my 5S I wasn't too pleased that I was stuck with only one charger (and my old iphone 4 charger that would basically be of no use to me).

Until.. I decided to do grocery shopping and found this magnificent gadget at No Frills (of all places)?! To anyone who doesn't live in Canada it's exactly as the name implies. It is a discount grocery store (great for saving money) with an interior that's much less glamorous than the typical Safeway or Loblaws. But they do have his little 'dollar store' section of miscellaneous items - including this converter! It was only $4 dollars.

I almost wanted to buy two - one for my speaker and one for my charger, but I was worried that it would be a waste of money if it actually didn't work and wasn't good quality. But when I went home it all checked out. It works! Some of these are $10 or more online, and if you bought it from the Apple store it would be $45.

So there you go, I just wanted to let you all know; hopefully it helps you guys out. :)


  1. I bought the same thing (but from another brand I guess) for about nothing at all from Miniinthebox.com. They have plenty of stuff like that!

    Indiellie | Bloglovin'

  2. Oh wow - thanks for the recommendation. I'm definitely shopping through their gallery of cases right now..

    I've actually gotten a case including shipping for $1 from Ebay/Amazon too!

  3. Thanks for the alert! Looks great!


  4. Thank you for sharing this post. Wow! I was amazed because for only $4 dollars you were able to buy one. Looking forward for most post from you. I would love to try try one even if I just recently bought one from http://ezrd.me/r/?rd=083K7Kazn .

    Have a great day!


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