Friday, 24 October 2014


T.G.I.F - Coffee Shop Edition

Williams Fresh Cafe Coffee ShopHave you guys ever had one of those days , where you're just kinda feeling glum? Don't get me wrong, most of the time my friends will laugh at the fact that I'm just constantly smiling. Like always, even when I'm doing nothing (or so they tell me), but today I was at the library and I was trying to study for a midterm and I just wasn't feeling it..

It's a huge concrete library, and sitting on the 'silent' floor just felt so isolating. I realized I had to get a change of environment. The leaves outside are beautiful here during the Fall. I hope you guys are lucky enough to witness the changing colors of the leaves (I know that not all countries experience these seasonal transitions), but still I guess I was just having one of those days where you feel kind of down. And I couldn't even place my finger on something specifically.

So I realized I had to move and go somewhere else. I decided to go to Williams, a franchise coffee-store just down the street from where I live. And that make the biggest difference. It's just such a nice coffee sit down area where you can meet up with friends or just sit down and do work. I'm not sure what kind of person you are, but I actually love to work with background noise. I can work with conversation nearby (as long as I don't key-in on one conversation specifically) and some light chatter. They do  have wifi, and actually have pretty good food and coffee too. They have this one panini that I love, I think it's a chicken pesto (it's been a while).

Anyways I wanted to know where you guys like to go when you need to get work done (but need to get out of the house). Do you have a favourite spot? Let me know!

Williams Fresh Cafe

Sunday, 12 October 2014


LPT (Life Pro Tip) for iPhone users

Alright so I'm pretty sure most people know that in their settings there is such a feature called "Keyboard Shortcuts". And when I say most, that's probably over stretching it a little bit.

I know I've always thought 'Wow, that would be useful, but like what would I actually use it for?' I always figured there wasn't one saying, or one line that I consistently said all the time and required a shortcut for.

It was definitely online somewhere, that I found this tip: enter your email address and make '@@' a shortcut. Or just do something similarly along those lines. Writing out your email each time for registrations or sign ins is definitely a drag (especially if it's long) in addition to the - we want to save time right?

I honestly had this set up a while ago, and it wasn't until I switched phones and had my settings reset that I realized how much of a convenience it had been.

Do you actually have any other shortcuts set up besides this? Share them below!

Saturday, 11 October 2014


Aritzia Thanksgiving Sale: LIVE!

I checked my email and was excited to see that Aritzia would be launching a sale at 12* midnight. Seeing this at 1am, made me pretty excited - but I soon realized that it was during PST hours. That's alright, I figured I had some studying to do anyways. At 3:03am I clicked refreshed, checked the redirect link from my email, and didn't see anything either. I was confused, and slightly disappointed. Maybe I just couldn't find the right link? A few minutes later I realized it was up and there had just been a slight delay. I bet they thought no one would notice, I mean who else is really crazy enough to check in the middle of the night..

Enjoy!! It's too bad they still require a $150 minimum for free shipping.

Sunday, 5 October 2014


New to Blogging? How do you get more connected to the Community?!

This is a question exclamation post. What does that mean? Well, it's kind of my way to trying to learn more about you guys (the readers) while giving a little bit of my own input at the same time.

So if you're reading this, you can probably tell that this is a baby blog. I mean it's just starting up, and I don't have a large following. But at the same time, who really cares right? I honestly am that person who just has to rave about a product to every single person I know when I find something that is good. I love to share. The 'share article' feature has got to be one of the best features out there for someone like me. When I learn something that's pretty cool (Did you know Classico Spaghetti Sauce Jars are Mason jars? They don't just look like them- 'Mason' is actually embossed/engraved into the jar, it's legit!) I just feel the need to tell the world and where is there a better place than here (and that is the long-story short version of why this blog exists).

Of course it's a little bit disheartening knowing that very few people actually read what I say. I mean it is partially my fault as I haven't made this public on my Facebook or anything, and I don't share this to the people I actually know. But anyways, like every other blogger out there, I am trying wedge myself into the community and trying to discover new blogs on a daily basis.

So what I found has worked really well to discover other small up and coming blogs, is clicking on the 'click-through' links found on blog comments! Most people will leave a comment with their blog in their signature, and it's even nicer when the link itself is a URL that automatically brings you to the page. It helps when you already have a handful of blogs that you read, but honestly it's like the '6 degrees of separation effects' every blog has comments leading to another blog. It's great!

Lets be real small blogs are more personal, when there are thousands of readers sometimes it is easy for your comment to be overlooked. Bloggers will probably value your input even more if you're one of the few comments on there. Incorporating some of my beginner Economics.. It's the effect of Marginal Benefit - the first few comments (maybe first few hundred) all bring us great joy, but as it reaches a couple thousand every additional comment may make less of an impact.

Anyways another thing I realized today is that Pinterest is probably another phenomenal way of meeting new bloggers! Pinterest and blogging share such a great overlap, they are essentially the 'connector' or the pathway the brings together people with similar interests. Or even better, it's a selective 'Google'! I would say half the images will redirect you to a blog, and from here you can continue diving into more comments or 'guest posts'. The possibilities honestly seem endless. I've always been a fan of Pinterest for my own self interest (I mean, it makes organizing links and bookmarking soo much easier) but now I'm realizing how much of a tool it is as well.

Sorry for the run on post, it's your turn now! What do you do to discover new blogs and to get involved in the blogosphere?