Sunday, 21 September 2014


Running and some Great Apps

Hi Guys!

Here are the Two (Free iPhone) Running Apps I like to use:   RunKeeper and 'Interval Timer'

RunKeeper: Provides you with a log as it records all the handy information from your run. It includes

  • GPS tracking, you can see the route that you run
  • Verbal indicators of the distance ran, pace, and duration of run
  • Estimation of Calories Burned
  • Optional reminders to 'go for a run'
  • Allows you to have a playlist (music) going on in the background
Interval Timer : Specifically this one , it's simple without all the bells and whistles of other complex apps. I did find the set up very confusing though. If you want it to do something similar to Garmin's, set up a 'Long Duration' of your running cycle and then the 'Short Duration' to be one minute. Also make sure to choose the "Start Interval with: Long" setting or else it might mess you up/confuse you a little bit.

If you have both these running at the same time it works similar to the Garmin Forerunner without a heartrate monitor- hope this helps!

I don't know about you guys, but I hate running at the gym. Don't get me wrong, I like running - I just don't like treadmills. For me - running outdoors is where it is at!

Some how the time seems to just fly by so much easier as you're actually passing by moving scenery. When I'm on a treadmill I could be running for what feels like ages only to look down and see the Time Elapsed is: 3:00 (minutes) and I'm like what?? Whereas running outdoors by the time I check I can easily be at the twenty minute mark.

I think for me, it's just boring inside! I also like that running outside forces you to finish whatever you set out to do. Simply hitting the 'off' button and jumping off the machine isn't an option, I mean at the very least you at least have to walk back (home) or wherever you started.

Anyways, for the past 3-4 years I have always ran with intervals. My father started really getting into long distance running (completing marathons and attending Running Room group trainings), and used this interval methodology where you run 10 minutes and walk 1 (or whichever you choose) to maximize the amount of time you can keep running. That one minute really re- energizes you and allows you to run faster and to feel less exhausted for the other ten (or for me- five minutes).

Anyways, my father always ran with a Garmin Forerunner (comes with a heart rate monitor and more importantly an interval timer). Of course I didn't feel the need to pay over $100 for the gadget so I've been making use of my phone.

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