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Backpack Recommendation: The North Face

Hi! So I know the back-to-school sales have all past, and people are already settled int their day to day school routines, but I thought I would write this anyway.

I mean some people keep the same bags from previous years right? Anyways, if you are deciding or have been looking for a new backpack for a while I would recommend The North Face - Borealis. 

It's kind of expensive. I mean in the past from elementary - high school, I cannot actually remember a time where I have paid more than $30-40 for a backpack. I used Jansports and actually thought they were a bit much at the time. I also used one of those Swiss Army ones for a short period before I realized that it was a ridiculously heavy bag itself - even without containing anything. Anyways so I slowly opened up to the idea of paying more for a backpack, I mean the PINK (by VS) backpacks seemed to cost a bit more as did the Herschel backpacks.

I ended up going to an outlet outside of Seattle last month and went from store to store with a mission: to find a good backpack. I mean I went to all of the following: Adidas, Nike, Under Armor, Reebok, only to end up with nothing. It was only at The North Face that I found the Borealis backpack ( I had previously read about online).

It's pretty cool in the sense that my backpack is so unique I have yet to see one available in my colour. It is black, but it is also really bright because the straps are neon! At first I thought it was a bit much but I warmed up to it.
The North Face Borealis Black with Neon Straps Electric

The North Face Borealis Black with Neon Straps Electric

Within the first few pages of google images I didn't see any look these so I had to post my own! Now here is what I like about the backpack:

  • It has water bottle pockets! This is something extremely practical and necessary. I can't even count the amount of times that liquids have spilled inside my backpacks. I mean I could have chosen an extremely stylish and fashionable backpack (I mean there are sooo many nice rucksage-styled leather bags) but none of them had these water bottle holders - and I was determined to get it.
  • It has a small storage/pocket compartment near the top, here I use this to keep my bus pass and keys. It's so useful I used to spend about 5 minutes per day looking for my bus pass because I would always lose it but with this dedicated slot it's no longer an issue.
  • It's certified - by the American Chiropractic Association. At first I thought this was a useless bonus, something that they just stuck on to a tag to help it sell better but no, I was wrong! The weight distribution is actually so different. It never feels truly heavy because it sits so comfortably!
  • This leads me into the next point. As you can see from the side profile it's a super 'compact' bag. I mean there's no large overhanging pocket (you know.. most bags kind of have this this particular shape to it that's has a mixed side-profile between a \ and a ) it's basically rounded with all the stuff being carried near the outer bottom?). Because of this, the weight falls directly/straight-down on your shoulders and doesn't pull backwards on you.
    • At first I thought the shape was kind of strange because it wasn't more typical, but now I really like it!
  • It also has a fantastic laptop holder compartment. See, I never had one of these in my old backpacks. I thought they were 'extra', like why would you need an extra designation for it? I realized now how helpful it is now, built into this slot at the very bottom is a lot of cushioning. That way when you drop your laptop in, or your drop your backpack on the floor it doesn't slam into a wall of impact (it offers a lot of protection). My roommate actually just got a High Sierra backpack but I noticed that TNF had a lot more cushioning, it feels about 2" thick!
Anyways I was lucky enough to get this on sale at the outlet. Instead of being $80-100 like it is regularly (from what I can see online) it was around $60 which I think is quite a steal. The only thing that seems to bug me a little are the pink straps see at the bottom. They're attached to the arm-straps and so those are always visible when you're facing something and seem to clash with my outfit 95% of the time! I'm honestly thinking of just grabbing a permanent black spray paint and just using that.

So, what backpack are you using right now? Do you love it or hate it? 


  1. Love those backpacks :*

  2. We looove NorthFace too! We are obsessed with their awesome raincoats!!!
    Sooooo awesome!!!
    xoox Beckerman Girls

    1. Thanks for the heads up! I really want one of their fleeces right now, but might just get one from Uniqlo haha.


  3. Looks so cool - would love it of you could check out my latest fashion post xo

    Aliona |

    1. I'll definitely check it out (:


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