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Aritzia Warehouse Sale 2014 - Experience, What I Learned and Tips!

Aritzia Shopping Bag from Aritzia Warehouse SaleHey guys!

 I haven't posted for quite a long time. School has started, I've moved back into my student house (with 4 amazing rroommates and am getting back into the school year grind. But before that all happened, I was in Vancouver, B.C. for just over a week moving in my sister- who is going into first year at UBC!

Just after I arrived, I was shocked to see Aritzia's instagram post. They were promoting their annual Warehouse Sale! Although I have heard about this famous (or infamous) sale, I had never attended it. I mean it was on the wrong coast, the opposite coast of the country! I had actually been in Vancouver about two summers ago, but as luck would have it - the sale happened right after I left. I had checked the dates earlier in the summer and thought that I would miss it once again, so I had pretty much accepted it. The excitement slowly started to build inside me as I realized that I would finally get to go!Here are some photos and a blurb about my experience.

Aritzia Warehouse Sale in Vancouver

Aritzia Warehouse Sale in Vancouver

The warehouse sale takes place inside the Metro Convention centre. It's extremely large but nonetheless it cannot contain the amount of excited shoppers and loyal customers on its 'Grand Opening'. Although this sale is open for a range of days, of course most people will try to show up the first day (I mean, that's when you can get all the good stuff right?) 

Be prepared to wait. On Day 1, people are known to start lining up early. And that means that there may be some people eager enough to start the night before, or simply during the wee hours of the morning - I am talking before 5 am. I believe that the sale started or opened at 7am, but if you choose to arrive then don't be surprised to see a line. I think I lined up at 8am, and by that time the way had made its way outside of the convention centre, and around all the way to the part near the Teardrop ( I think that's what it was, near all the cafes?) The line moved quite quickly from the outside but seemed to slow down after we got in - in total I think we (me and my sister) waited for about 1.5h. 

Just to let you know, I actually went back a second time later on that week. Apparently this is quite common, because the hype occurs primarily on day 1. The rest of the time there is essentially no wait and no line - that's right, no waiting in line for 1.5h, while news cameras and people take photos of the enormous line. But of course you might miss out on some of those finds such as Kenya Mackage jackets (amiright?). Furthermore, what the staff will constantly remind you is that new stuff is released onto the floor each day.

When you first get in, they actually require you to check in your purses, bags or backpacks. Honestly they just have a few rocks of shelves where everything is left in plain site (of course only with employee access) but I'm not sure how much I would really trust it. You should probably leave your favourite purse at home unless you bring a very small clutch, although I definitely did see a LV just sitting there. I went two times with the same cross-body swingpack and the first time they insisted that it be checked in where as the second time they simply let me walk right by (so I guess it's really subjective). 

After you get in it really is just overwhelming. Think about what it feels like when you walk into a Winners, now think about that multiplied by like 50. There are what feels like over 50 racks of clothing there: some racks have 30 of the same pieces of clothing while others will be completely miscellaneous - hold on to an item if you like it because you may not find another one. Now imagine the messiest your bedroom has ever been, this is the warehouse sale. It feels like 40% of the floor is covered in clothing. It's overwhelming and kind of discomforting. Along every single wall are piles and heaps of clothing that people have either decided against, or are going back to as their 'home base'. 

It actually gets really tiring because you have to hold on to everything that you want, meaning you can only buy as much as you can carry. You might think that this is insignificant but walking around and searching through racks, and digging in piles of clothing is a lot more difficult if you're trying to walk around with arms full of clothing. It was pretty funny because you could see that there were some tricks that the more 'experienced' shoppers had developed for themselves. Around the sale you will find some empty cardboard/carton boxes. People would use these as makeshift shopping carts, I even saw some people stick clothes hangers (you know the hook part that looks like ?) into the box and use that as a handle to drag the box around.

Another heads up: there is a communal fitting room. That means you are going to see a lot of skin: bras, undies, stomachs, butts - everything. Be prepared to go in something you don't mind wearing infront of hundreds of strangers. I know you might like to wear thongs, but like for the sake of those around you I'm not sure everyone else wants to see your cheeks! Wearing a skirt is pretty helpful for such a situation and allows you to slip things on underneath quite easily. 

So of course I found a few items, but overall from my trip I would say that I had two amazing finds. I got a Verbier Aritzia Winter Jacket for $125 (initially $275) and a pair of TOMs for $20. You definitely save a lot of money at this sale, but as a whole most people will definitely spend over $100 (probably a few). They also had a great jean selection from 23/24s to probably size 32s+. For any denim fanatic this would be a dream come tree. There were J brands ($75), Rag and Bone (I got a pair for $30), Citizens of Humanity and more. Although the jeans start off initially organized by size, by the end of it the tables may have them stacked in neat piles but you will need to look at each one by the sticker/tag/label to check each size because each table will have a plethora of sizes arranged in no order. It is slightly chaotic.

Anyways, that is about all I can ramble about this sale. If you have any questions please leave a comment below! Furthermore, if you did attend the event tell me how you found it, and what your best find was!

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