Wednesday, 9 July 2014


New Oreo Donut from Tim Hortons

You may or may have not noticed but Tim Hortons has really been stepping up their game this year.

It seems like they're constantly adding something new! There's a whole line of paninis, Strawberry Shortcake themed everything (timbit and muffin mmm), Kettle Chips and even more. 

Now this past week there has been a new Oreo- themed addition. There is an Oreo ice cap and and Oreo donut, and it's the latter that I was excited to try today. I mean I miight have been telling myself that it's time to stop eating so much sugar and garbage, but this just came along and I really couldn't just say no to it!

This was actually .. So delicious. I'm that type of a person who never grew out of childhood, I love sugar and anything sweet -  so when I say something is too sweet that's when you know there's something wrong. As you can see from the photo there is no hole, it's not a traditional donut per say. It's more similar to the shape of the Boston cream. It's a chocolate donut coated in a glaze of oreocrumbs, which seems to have been mixed with frosting- on top of which there is more icing drizzled on. And just like the boston, there is a filling!! It was so great I honestly felt like I was eating cake. Too bad I probably won't be eating too many of these but honestly you should try it at least once!
New Tim Hortons Oreo Donut
Do you see the frosting? Yum!

       New Tim Hortons Oreo Donut
No Hole in this Donut!
Have you seen this at your local Tims yet? Have you given it a shot yet? Leave a comment, tell me what you thought!

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