Tuesday, 15 July 2014


Amazon Student - For Canadians

Hey Guys!

As you may know, Canada sometimes gets the shorter end of the stick and doesn't get access to promotions or specials until months later. But that's okay (kind of), cause we do eventually get in on the deals, right?

As you may have noticed Amazon (US) has had Amazon Student available for well over a year. I've seen people spamming their referral ads here and there all over Canadian FB groups, and it was always a waste of time since registration required an .edu email and was aimed at Americans.

But now it's here! Amazon Canada is offering post secondary students 6 months of Amazon Student which includes free two -day shipping. After 6 months it switches to a $39/year subscription. This is the same thing as Amazon Prime essentially but at a discounted rate! It's not really the same as the American one however, as it doesn't include other perks that they seem to enjoy such as Amazon Instant. When they pay for it after 6 months they receive "Unlimited streaming of 41,000 movies and TV Episodes" - so yeah it kind of sucks a little bit in comparison. But for anyone who's a frequent shopper of Amazon there's no harm in signing up and enjoying it for now.

Anyways I just wanted to give you all a heads up! If you are interested why not click here to find out more? Just a heads up - that is a referral link. They're offering a $5 credit if your friends join. But honestly, I'm not trying to trick any of you just for that credit and as good faith I'm listing the link here as well, without the referral code if you would prefer that as well. For some reason I just feel mislead sometimes when others link me to seemingly cool promos only to find out they're just referral codes  for their own personal gain haha. Whereas I actually just wanted to share this deal with you all, make life a little easier you know? They even sell some groceries and what not, so I'm sure there will be an occasion where near immediate shipping will come in hand.

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