Friday, 25 July 2014


Zippity Quick

It's crazy how quickly my summer has been going by! Monday becomes Friday so quickly that I can hardly believe how soon the weekend has arrived week after week. I mean you know how some weeks just feel soo slow? It hasn't been like that at all for me!

Contrary to my Intro post when I was still bumming around and watching nothing but TV from morning to night my life has turned a 180. It feels like every hour counts! I mean from the time I wake up at around 8am, I work part-time at an office until lunch, drive to school where I finish class and remain in the library  until the 5-6pm (varies), run off to the gym, come home for dinner, and then go back to studying for the rest of the day!

Do you have those phases where you feel like you're just constantly busy doing something or on the go?

Happy Friday!


Saturday, 19 July 2014


Non Fat Yogurt - Be Careful!

Hey guys,

I just wanted to remind you that you should be super careful when you're doing your groceries and buying yogurt. Society has conditioned us into thinking that 'low fat' or 'no fat' everything is healthier, and better. But it's really not!

What we don't realize is that to makeup for the taste, texture and etc from eliminating the fat, companies end up trying to compensate with sugar - which can be almost worst! What you should realize is that your body does need some fat, so in a lot of cases choosing that 1% or 2% yogurt is actually  better for you. Nevertheless, it's probably still tempting to reach for the 0% and if that's the case you might as well make an informed choice while you're at it.

A lot of companies like Activia, for example, have '0% fat yogurt' yogurt which actually has Aspartame added in it - aka Splenda, yuck!

I wanted to show you a quick example highlighting the difference it can make.

Alright, so its' kind of embarassing how messy everything is behind it but I just get so excited when I think of something that I want to share on here and would just rather take a picture right there and then. I know.. patience is a virtue. I'll try harder next time?

Anyways so as you can see they're both "Organic" No Fat Yogurts. It's funny, the first thing I checked for was if there was any Aspartame. Nope it was fine. I also checked the ingredient to see how much added crap was in it, but it looked pretty good. So naively, I decided that it was probably all good to go and started eating both. Actually I started eating more of the Liberte one, I noiced that the texture was a lot more smooth and silky. It was yummier! I had tried the organic meadow one before, and it wasn't bad but it wasn't anything special either. For a while I was just suprised at how much yummier the Liberte yogurt was. 

Pretty simple, it's a clean list.

Alright so maybe I jumped the gun reading the ingredients, there actually is quite a lot of added stuff.

So if you look closely enough at the 'Sugar' content. Liberte has nearly twenty grams of sugar while there is only nine in Organic Meadow. That's around/just over two times as much for the same sample size! Anyways I was shocked when I realized the difference (it explained how the taste seemed to vary so much).

So the lesson is to look carefuly at the ingredients and Nutrition Table when you're shopping! 

Wednesday, 16 July 2014


TeaTox - Pre

So if you haven't noticed lately, "TeaToxing" has become the newest trend that's taken over Social Media by storm. In all honestly, it sounds a lot like a scam. But nonetheless, I'll admit - I'm inclined to try it.

The brand that I've been reading up on is called Your Tea. That's the name of their company, and what's used on their website. But what what's printed on their TeaBags and hashtagged on a lot of their social media is "TinyTea".

So what's the deal?
Well basically, they're selling you packages of tea! Sounds the same as DavidsTea and Teavana doesn't it? What their differentiating factor seems to be is this whole 'teatox' business. These are herbal teas which are designed to help you to help clear your system and basically result in a range of benefits: energy, better skin, less bloating, regular bowels, weight loss and more (note these are user proclaimed benefits).

Just like Quest, they have a huge following/fan base. If you look at their Instagram account, the majority of their posts are 'before/ after' shots submitted by users themselves (in addition to some motivational photos/quotes and etc). Users back the photos - these photos aren't altered or stolen. To put it simply, people look good. Their tummy's are smaller, some of them look like they have shed a lot of weight, and they all seem to really love this tea! To be honest it's the number of these photos that really got me curious, could this really work?

At the same time, I know that a lot of these 'fads' are all gimmicks. You would think that with my science background and my interest in health/nutrition that I would know that it's probably not worth it. I mean I even got a reality check when I read up on SlimFitBean's post which tries to expose the reality of it. One of my friends actually Intagram'd a photo a while back, she's smart, level-headed and so of course I asked for her feedback! It was interesting to hear that she did agree with the sentiments of a lot of other reviewers, she felt like she had a lot more energy. Man, energy, I could use some of that. She said that she really did think that it had helped to improve her skin, and although she didn't really lose any weight it really helped to stop her constant snacking.

The tea set comes with some rules to get the most use out of it. You should be drinking it 3 times a day, around half an hour before each meal. From what my friend said it was partly the planning, and timing of each meal that had initially helped her to snack less in addition to simply having less cravings. Unfortunately, what seems to be the case is that the reason people look less bloated is simply because they are losing water weight alone (and not fat). Like SlimFitBean notes, most people who get results are already eating healthy and exercising together with this regimen. The Tea itself is not magical so it still takes work.

My turn:
I think that I will be trying a 14 day set within the week or two. These tea sets are expensive! It's $35 for a 14 day set with 42 tea bags, and $55 for a 28 day set. But just before I do that, I actually want to see how drinking my own tea regularly works for me. Tea is a diuretic, so if anything, if I drink it more regularly and add it into a healthy lifestyle there should probably be similar effects. People have been saying for a while that simply incorporating tea (any kind) into your diet is good for you - I don't drink much throughout the day so staying hydrated will be a plus either way.

I started today with a cup before Breakfast (waiting 20-30 minutes after before I ate) and ended up drinking two more cups at Starbucks when I was studying. On top of a great gym workout with some HIIT, weight training, and some washroom breaks due to the diuretics I had a pretty awesome day and felt great. Despite having a huge breakfast with what felt like two cups of yogurt (and berries and granola), and quite the bloated tummy initially it seemed to slowly disappear as the day passed! 

Tuesday, 15 July 2014


Amazon Student - For Canadians

Hey Guys!

As you may know, Canada sometimes gets the shorter end of the stick and doesn't get access to promotions or specials until months later. But that's okay (kind of), cause we do eventually get in on the deals, right?

As you may have noticed Amazon (US) has had Amazon Student available for well over a year. I've seen people spamming their referral ads here and there all over Canadian FB groups, and it was always a waste of time since registration required an .edu email and was aimed at Americans.

But now it's here! Amazon Canada is offering post secondary students 6 months of Amazon Student which includes free two -day shipping. After 6 months it switches to a $39/year subscription. This is the same thing as Amazon Prime essentially but at a discounted rate! It's not really the same as the American one however, as it doesn't include other perks that they seem to enjoy such as Amazon Instant. When they pay for it after 6 months they receive "Unlimited streaming of 41,000 movies and TV Episodes" - so yeah it kind of sucks a little bit in comparison. But for anyone who's a frequent shopper of Amazon there's no harm in signing up and enjoying it for now.

Anyways I just wanted to give you all a heads up! If you are interested why not click here to find out more? Just a heads up - that is a referral link. They're offering a $5 credit if your friends join. But honestly, I'm not trying to trick any of you just for that credit and as good faith I'm listing the link here as well, without the referral code if you would prefer that as well. For some reason I just feel mislead sometimes when others link me to seemingly cool promos only to find out they're just referral codes  for their own personal gain haha. Whereas I actually just wanted to share this deal with you all, make life a little easier you know? They even sell some groceries and what not, so I'm sure there will be an occasion where near immediate shipping will come in hand.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014


New Oreo Donut from Tim Hortons

You may or may have not noticed but Tim Hortons has really been stepping up their game this year.

It seems like they're constantly adding something new! There's a whole line of paninis, Strawberry Shortcake themed everything (timbit and muffin mmm), Kettle Chips and even more. 

Now this past week there has been a new Oreo- themed addition. There is an Oreo ice cap and and Oreo donut, and it's the latter that I was excited to try today. I mean I miight have been telling myself that it's time to stop eating so much sugar and garbage, but this just came along and I really couldn't just say no to it!

This was actually .. So delicious. I'm that type of a person who never grew out of childhood, I love sugar and anything sweet -  so when I say something is too sweet that's when you know there's something wrong. As you can see from the photo there is no hole, it's not a traditional donut per say. It's more similar to the shape of the Boston cream. It's a chocolate donut coated in a glaze of oreocrumbs, which seems to have been mixed with frosting- on top of which there is more icing drizzled on. And just like the boston, there is a filling!! It was so great I honestly felt like I was eating cake. Too bad I probably won't be eating too many of these but honestly you should try it at least once!
New Tim Hortons Oreo Donut
Do you see the frosting? Yum!

       New Tim Hortons Oreo Donut
No Hole in this Donut!
Have you seen this at your local Tims yet? Have you given it a shot yet? Leave a comment, tell me what you thought!