Thursday, 5 June 2014


Montreal Marche (Market)

 Day 2: We went to the Jean Talon Market. Here in Montreal there are two well known markets: Jean Talon and Atwater. And of course we visited both! Honestly, the vibe and atmosphere of going to these marketplaces is so unique; although in essence they are all extremely similar because they revolve around the same concept, each city has its own vibe and adds its own flavor! Just two years ago I got to visi the Seattle market, known as the Pike Market, which is actually where the first Starbucks was started.

 We actually decided to go to this one first based off of the recommendation of our Hotel Concierge. He enthusiastically told us how great this one was and that we would get much more value with our money. Even more importantly he warned us that finding parking would be difficult! At Jean Talon there is an indoor section in addition an outdoor area. Inside there was a multitude of booths that sold food items including: churros (with dulce de leche), a crepes (multi-time award winner in addition to being gluten free), macarons, coffee, gelato and sausages. Outside there were much more fresh produce booths with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. There are some independent little stores around, and the one that comes to mind is the cheese store (and man you could really smell the cheese)!

 This is definitely a place where we sample a little bit of everything, I mean if you just choose one place to eat your entire meal you miss out on everything else! Just along the outside of the building was a store that sold seafood, to further enhance its service it also prepared deep fried calamari/shrimp/fish. We knew it was a pretty popular spot due to its line, but we later realized was that they depended on one worker to create each order! By the time we had received our number we realized there were nearly 15 people ahead of us - I mean if they really wanted to take advantage of the high demand wouldn't they want to process more orders and keep their customers happy? Anyways the food was really good, but I'm not sure it was worth the wait! Although while we were sitting around, we did meet two tourists who were visiting all the way from France! It was interesting asking them various questions about their thoughts and opinions of being at this other "French-inspired culture" from a country so far away.

Churro! I had been craving one ever since Disney where (I vaguely remember) they were ridiculously expensive!

$5 for 3 Pulled Pork Tacos
 The following day we went to to the other market Atwater - the good thing about it was that there was a large parking lot nearby. Have I mentioned that parking in Montreal is absolutely insane? On many of their roads there is parallel parking along both sides (with cars facing the same direction on each since they are usually one-way) and they are squished nearly bumper to bumper- I don't know how they do it! However, like our Hotel Concierge had mentioned - it wasn't nearly as great. It had a very different atmosphere, it was a lot quieter and a lot less busy. It also did seem a bit more expensive as had warned (I gathered this from one store alone), we bought a double smoked salmon bagel to share, between the family, and it was $10 for that alone! I don't think I've ever paid so much for a bagel. It also seemed to sell somewhat different menu items, there was less baked goods and a lot of meat; however I did have this amazing almond croissant that was freshly baked and still warm with a melt-in-your-mouth filling.

Anyways what was probably the most exciting part of my trip was what happened next: Tam Tams. I'm actually going to dedicate an entire post to it so make sure to check that out!

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