Tuesday, 3 June 2014


Montreal - I am Impressed (Part 1)

Montreal, Skyline, Mount Royal
The view of Montreal from Mount Royal! It was beautiful.
So this weekend, I drove over to Montreal with my family. The last time I went when it was still summer was probably 7-10 years ago! Although I come fairly often in the winter for skiing and snowboarding (at Mont Tremblant) it truly is a different experience being here in the summer. I mean, one of the differences was the fact that this time I was pressured into driving for a portion of the 6 hours ( I guess that wasn't an option way back then) !

So what did I do for the weekend? Well we didn't do anything extremely exciting, there was no big event that we were there to attend, instead we kind of just soaked up a bit of the culture. It was really nice!

We arrived late afternoon, but thankfully in the summer there is sunlight until approximately 9pm. My dad kind of took the ropes and planned the itinerary (roughly) and did most of the driving, which was fortunately for me and my terrible sense of direction!

 We kind of wandered our way over to a local stretch of town and made our way to the "Best Bagel Store in Town" - St- Viateur. I mean, I just forgot their named and typed in "Best Montreal Bagel" and Voila, their name appeared! You see them rolling the bagels and everything, including them tossing in dozens upon dozens of bagels into the oven.

St- Viateur
A worker rolling out the bagels, and boy do they do it fast.
We got an 'everything' type bagel and a sesame bagel (which was fresh and still toasty). They were indeed, very yummy! I might not be much of a bagel expert, but I think the texture was different than the regular ones here in Toronto just like the Hotel concierge had pointed out.
After that, we walked around until it was dark, and instead of grabbing our dinner we tried a bit of everything here and there (it's kind of our thing). What we do is walk around into cafes, bakeries, or anything that is quick and easy, and try out one or two dishes between three peopl.  We found this little "Hipster" cafe, and divied up a quesadilla and a coffee.

Next we found this amazing "Award-winning" Burger place, and for $5 which is pretty much what you pay at McDonalds or at Five Guys we got a gourmet burger with hand made patties! Just like Five Guys it came with an assortment of toppings.
I know that this is blurry and I feel awful but given the choice between this and nothing I feel like this still gives you a sense of what it looks like!

It was so cute. 

 We also caught a local bakery that was about to close for the day, where we took off bites from a chocolate brioche. With chocolate, I don't judge, usually I like them all no matter the quality. But with this brioche, I could actually taste the richness in the little chunks of chocolate embedded inside and with only a few bites it was still more than enough! When I asked the worker what it was, he tried to explain that it was somewhere in between a cake-like texture and bread.

Those are only a few of the things we had that night, we actually had so many little things that I can't even remember them all right now! But this was just a quick and dirty update, enjoy and check back for Part 2 :)

Holy, was I suprised to see this many raccoons while I was on Mount Royal. I've never seen so many of them together, and where I'm from people are super scared of them because of rabies and whatnot. But here, people were out right feeding them!

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