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Aritzia Private Sale 2014 Clientele

It seems that the private sale has a name now, and as you can see it's Clientele.

Email invite of Aritzia's 2014 Private Sale this year named Clientele
Oh shit 17% battery.. dying!

                                      Email invite of Aritzia's 2014 Private Sale this year named Clientele

I love this time of the year! Over the past year or so I think I've started to slowly move away from Aritzia. I mean throughout highschool you would come to realize that everyone in the school had the same item.  There was a Betsy floral pattened-type shirt that was a staple for a few years, I mean they might even be selling it now.  I'll always be grateful for H&M and Forever 21, but the store I really like now is Zara! They have lovely designs at price points that are similar, and if anything they have a wider price range. 

Anyways even though I may shop at Aritzia less now, it's during the Private sale that I do go back every year. I swear that's probably the only reason I qualify for the sale! Haha, no that actually can't be it- I'm guessing that once you qualify you just remain a member. Has anyone had an experience where they no longer got the email?

I wonder what the customer appreciation gift will be this year. Last year it was a candle and I believe the year before it was a beach towel.I actually wrote about an order I received last year as part of the sale and  pictures of the aforementioned candle (it was really nicely packaged).

Not only is everything in the store 20-40% off but they offer free online shopping ! If Aritzia could remain this way throughout this year I would probably be more of a loyal customer haha. It might even be more worth it, they allow you to return it for store credit while everything you buy in-store right now is final sale!

Aritzia free shipping for members during private sale
Look no minimum! 

Anyways when I find out more about the specific gift and sale discounts I'll post more details! It starts tomorrow June 16th in stores and online on June 17th.

Aritzia private sale 2014 customer appreciation gift candle scents
It comes in Fig, Paradis, Sakura and Santal (if it's too small to read in the image). From what I've read a lot of people seem to like Sakura! P.S. Apparently it's possible to receive multiple candles, in the past people have gotten one from the Aritzia store, one from stand alone TNA stores and even one from online. Hope that helps!
Tell me about what deals and steals you find or link me to your hauls! :)

Edit June 16: So apparently the sale actually starts online TODAY (and not the 17th as shown).
These are the discounts currently being offered, enjoy! I've also seen from other posts online that the gift this year is a candle once again. They're packaged very nicely just like last year (and obviously they look different). I believe they come in four different scents.

Edit June 18: It looks like they are even personally calling customers! I read that they did this in previous years but I thought it was pretty exciting that I got one today (on Voicemail). They basically say the same thing saying that there is a sale and to come in for 20% off everything.

Edit June 19: Finally got the chance to go in store! They were pretty in your face as per usual asking if they could help and constantly asking to take your clothes away to the changeroom for you (making sure that they get their employee card on your purchases). Though they didn't even ask me for my email when I got there and just believed me for what I said- though I'm sure it's checked in the system when you pay. I tried on a million things but was kind of unsure, since I know my sizing I think I'll just be ordering online so that I can return it if I change my mind - like I said it's final sale in store!

Reminder: Every year there's actually an even bigger, and better sale following this. That means things will be further reduced (it's cheaper than the discounts being offered to you as a "Private Customer") and they don't do price re-adjustments so I suggest you think long and hard1

Aritzia private sale discounts 2014
As you might have noticed, the list seems to have grown smaller from the previous years. Actually it might not have but that's what it feels like to me! They used to have Toms, and Marc by Marc Jacobs listed (off the top of my head) and I'm sure there were many more -this might be because Toms doesn't seem to be available anymore. This is for online!

The instore version looks slightly different!

Aritzia private sale 2014 discount
I love the floral theme they have going on

Aritzia private sale 2014 clientele candle Sakura
It's too bad this photo is so yellow-y, the packaging is so pretty! 

                               Aritzia private sale 2014 clientele candle Sakura

Aritzia private sale 2014 clientele candle Sakura
It actually smells fantastic! Even when it's not lit, I'll kind of look around and start wondering what smells so good around me haha

I left the shopping bag in my car all day, and it was pretty hot .. ): I think it actually melted a bit - it's a bit warped. The candle smells great though! 


  1. When shopping in store how do they differentiate between regular shoppers and clientele shoppers?

    1. Hi lwalton,

      In store, you typically tell an associate that you got an email invitation. After they look at the email (yeah they actually check, and may even scroll around to see if it is the official one they sent out themselves) they will usually give you a little board that has all the discounts and associated brands printed on it. For example they'll sale "20% off" and then put a column of brands that qualify for it. Usually most of them fall under that, and for the larger discounts such as 30% and 40% the list shrinks to fewer brands.

      Also, they ask for your email again at check out when you are making your purchase.

      Hope this helps!


  2. I had actually never heard of this type of thing- sounds like a really great opportunity for regular customers! :)
    Zara is definitely a really great shop, but I don't quite agree with what you said that the prices they offer are almost at the same level as in H&M. Zara is a bit more fashion driven store which a bit explains the higher prices, but as I work at H&M- I can definitely say that if you look close enough you'll find very similar items at H&M for less. But, hey, that is just my opinion! :)

    1. Wow that must be fantastic! How is the employee discount? I feel like I would just want to spend most of my paycheques there if they offered me one!

      I guess that was a bit of a general statement on my behalf me oops, it is price-pointed higher than H&M, maybe instead it is closer to Aritzia's pricing (but with better sales haha).

  3. how do you get on the clientele list? :O

    1. I'm so sorry for the late reply! Any how as I mentioned I'm not actually sure what the requirements are, they've never actually released it to the public. It pretty much depends on how much you're spending in one year (is what must people assume).

      Remember when you pay at the register and they ask for your name/ email? They have all your shopping activity and etc. stored there. It's funny because my mom actually shops there as well, so I think at one point I just started giving out her name when they asked so it would look like one person was making all the purchases and the profile would look better or what not for invites like this.



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