Tuesday, 20 May 2014


Stay Hydrated!

If only it could be easy to take your advice, maybe making this the title of the post would actually have an effect?

If you didn't know, it's important to stay hydrated. I mean everyone's heard the saying "Drink 8 Cups of Water a Day" but I'm not even sure if it is the magic number. What I do know though, is that what most people don't realize, is that it is actually more general - Drink 8 cups of Liquid a Day. So technically, when you have you tea or coffee throughout the day you are still actively contributing to that number! Granted, there are the effects such as dehydration which may cause you to think that it completely negates any positive outcome from it, but from what I've heard it doesn't!

Alright, so drinking lots of liquid is good. The exception however, is juice and pop! I'm a total sucker for all things sugar related, I mean I adore chocolate and love my candy but, but I've realized that I can get along fine without drinking the two just mentioned. I mean, you're literally just downing sugar water!

But that being said, I have to admit something. I'm terrible at this whole staying hydrated business. I mean, I can go through an entire day with one cup of coffee - I must be a camel or something because I'm just not that thirsty of a person! So instead of swapping out pop and juice for something I think I just took out beverages in general which is not good.

So here are some Tips to Stay Hydrated:

  • Drink a glass of water when you first wake up 
  • Purchase a water bottle - that has an attached straw 
    • I mean, I have a Camelbak "Sippy Cup" and if I can force myself to take a sip before I know it I actually finish the entire 750mL without realizing it!
  • Keep the water bottle in sight (if it is in your bag it'll just stay there)!
  • Try flavored water by adding in either cucumbers or lemon slices
  • Pick up some tea, there are so many speciality teas from Teavana to David's Teaa in addition to local teas from the grocery store - sipping on some tea is more enticing than water
  • If you're constantly looking for a snack repeatedly, try having a glass of water, your body might be tricking you since it is dehydrated
  • If you have a SodaStream start making use of it (but without all that sugar syrup)! Add this with the earlier tip of adding in some fruit.
Do you have any tips you could add on?  

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