Thursday, 29 May 2014


Paying It Forward

When someone does something nice for you, you do something nice in return - usually. This was changed around when the concept of Paying it Forward came about, and this may have possibly stemmed from the Novel/Book! Anways the idea is to do something nice for someone else, someone new, after receiving an act of kindness.

So that's kind of what inadvertently happened today!

I've been going to the nearby university recently, and the price of parking there is outrageous. It ranges from $1.75 per half hour to $2.50! Usually I need to pay about $10 because of the length of my class- it maxes out at $15 for some lots but that is still quite a bit of money (it accumulates).

So today as I was waiting in the parking lot a car pulled up and a super kind lady just asked me if I wanted her ticket! She told me she had paid for the max, so it would still be valid and that she didn't need it anymore. A stranger just gave me something to save $10 simply out of kindness! It made my day!

After this I didn't really think much of it until I was pulling out about to leave, it was then I noticed another car had just arrived. Without even planning to do this, I pulled up and immediately asked if he had bought a ticket yet and if he wanted mine. This guys' reaction pretty much mirrored mine. He tried to explain that he would need it for a few hours but when I explained it was for the day he was soo gracious, and asked if he could give me something in return for it! I'm sure that for 1/4 of a millisecnd or I considered it super briefly, but in real life I told him 'no, don't worry about it!' immediately after, explaining that it had just been given to me similarly.

Honestly, receiving the kind gesture and even more so giving it forward to someone else made me feel so happy and appreciative and essentially made my day!

I just wanted to share that little bit with you guys, and wanted to ask if there was anything recently - anything from a kind gesture to something special- that made your day!

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