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Here's a Tip guys: How to Save $ on Manicures

Hi Guys!

Getting a manicure can feel wonderful, it's great feeling pampered and can feel like you're getting the royal treatment. Reason for this post, well I just got one and can't stop looking and appreciating it! But of course, there is a downfall - it's expensive. I mean once in a while, it's really not too bad but after a while it really adds up!

So I know the obvious way (I mean, it's practically the elephant in the room) to save money is to simply - not to get one at all. You can buy a bottle of nail polish for the same price and do it for yourself!

But, they always just seem so perfectly well done. Applying nail polish perfectly is pretty much a craft- a skill. So what I wanted to let you know was that there is an in between!

A polish change.

If you ask for that, you receive a fraction of the treatment, for a fraction of the cost. I mean when you think of getting a manicure you normally think of how nicely they'll shape your nails and apply the polish right? So honestly you're not losing out on too much. What constitutes a full manicure usually includes some extra hand massaging, cuticle trimming and well simply - the works. But like I said, if you ask for a polish change they'll shape and file your nails and leave you with nails that you'll be just as proud of.

Why get one? Well it's usually quite a bit cheaper. I'm from Markham (which is essentially Toronto to those outside of Canada) and if I ask for just a polish change it usually cost me between $5-10.

Alright, well what if I do want the works? Well thats fine! But, what if I want Shellac too? Well, I'm sorry to break it to you but that manicure is starting to get more expensive! At the nail salon down the road from me they will tell you (after you ask), that it is $30.

But here's where it might be useful to skimp out a little. Shellac does have a long-lasting effect, and does provide some piece of mind that it won't chip immediately. I felt like it would be a sigh of relief knowing all this and decided that it was what I wanted, and I didn't want just the regular manicure.

So what I did, was ask for a Polish Change Shellac. Automatically, the nail stylist quoted me a different price - $22. I saved $8 by not having my hands massaged, and I walked out and within an hour (or day, or week) they would look nearly identically to what they would have looked like with a $30 shellac.

My hands just looked a little dry after all the buffering and filing sorry!

Gell OPI : Don't Burst my Bubble

To put it simply: my Shellac manicure was almost the same as a full Regular manicure except for only a few dollars!

Here's an approximate breakdown:
Regular Manicure: $17
Polish Change Manicure: $7
Regular Shellac: $30
Polish Change Shellac: $22

I think it was around $7 a few years ago, so it might be closer to $10 now.

Anyways, I always thought felt like this was such a 'secret'. I mean the lady who came in and asked probably thought, Wow $30? No thanks! I just wanted to shout over that there was a cheaper alternative..

Edit: So I thought I would share a picture of how my nails look now,July 15th, which is approximately 6 weeks later!
Shellac Nails 6 weeks later.
So it's actually pretty embarrassing posting this. I mean the nails look pretty rough but I just thought it would be pretty cool to see the before/after comparison. I mean usually without Shellac my nails would probably be in a much dire state within the next week. As you can see, you can actually see how much the nail itself has grown out. The Shellac is outlasting the rate of growth! Besides that 2/5 of the nails are actually still in near perfect/original condition, while the rest others have mild chipping along the edges. 

So have you ever gotten a Polish Change? How did you like it! What are your thoughts? Leave a comment!.


  1. The first and only manicure I got was right before my wedding! I'll probably go get more because it's so fun! I got gel nails too, which I finally learned how to remove them myself. My friend just gets another manicure to remove the gel ones haha. I suppose that could save! :) thanks for sharing

    1. Hi Simply Bliss!

      They definitely are fun, and I feel like by not getting them as frequent they feel more special , like a 'treat'! Have you tried Shellac? It's different than Gel but its supposed to be kind of an in between! Thanks for stopping by!


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