Monday, 5 May 2014


Goodlife Membership 2014

Just came back from Goodlife and I'm officially a member!

This summer all I have really planned is studying for the MCAT, so I figured that if I had all this extra time around I might as well join the gym. Honestly most people waste their memberships, they sign up and never go. I plan on making good use out of mine!

For anyone in Markham/GTA I thought I would provide some price points so that you could save yourself a trip there. Sometimes it's just a lot more convenient to find everything online beforehand; however Goodlife keeps their membership fees offline to force you to go in for a consult!

The current Canada-wide fee as of May 5th, 2014 is  $25 bi-weekly.
The 'area' (North Toronto) fee is $24 bi-weekly.
The one-location fee is $22 bi-weekly.

These are the year round fees with pre-authorized bank payment/withdrawals. University student's who are only looking for a summer pass should still look at this, if you give the gym advance notice (2-4 weeks) then you are waived the $90/99 cancellation fee!

The current 'summer promotional' package they have created for University students is $230+ tax upfront.

Hope this helps someone out! Can't wait to go to all the classes.


  1. Good luck on your MCAT! I was just accepted to medical school on Friday at FIU in Miami... It is definitely worth all the hard work :)

    xo, Bekka
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    1. Wow Congratulations!! That's such a milestone. I'm actually hoping to apply to some American med schools, it's a shame that a lot of them don't take out of state (or even country) students.

  2. Good luck on the MCAT and good for you for joining a gym! :)

    <3 Shannon


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