Monday, 19 May 2014


Eating Healthy

Honestly, if you're going to eat clean and maintain a healthy lifestyle - this is the time. I mean, it's pretty much the fad. Every magazine you turn to features tips and tricks on how to eat well, and what exercises to do. It's still going to be hard. 

I mean, I can usually eat pretty well during the week. I think that's pretty common to most people, but oh - it's when the weekend hits that everyone slips up! I'm sure you can relate when you seem to tell yourself that "well, I've been good all week so I deserve this".

I think that somehow I've developed a sense of entitlement - to food. This is totally the wrong mindset, and I know it but I always seem to resort to it as an excuse to binge on all the deliciously bad-bad-for-you foods out there. Just because I didn't have it earlier in the week shouldn't mean that I should eat all of it, plus more later on.

The other problem is abundance! I'm sure that I'm not the only one with this dilemma either. I mean, we see all these lists of "healthy foods" or "healthy snacks" and so we label them or categorize them into being in the safe zone. But just because they're healthy, unless they're vegetables, doesn't mean we should eat cups and cups of it! You still need to moderate, even with healthy foods. Although some food like avocado, and peanut butter contain healthy fats- over eating them will still leave you with quite a shock, you don't want to be overeating.

Haha I'm not really sure what the takeaway message of this was, it was more so to call myself out on some of my personal mistakes I suppose. And to let you know that you're not alone if you share them!

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