Thursday, 29 May 2014


Paying It Forward

When someone does something nice for you, you do something nice in return - usually. This was changed around when the concept of Paying it Forward came about, and this may have possibly stemmed from the Novel/Book! Anways the idea is to do something nice for someone else, someone new, after receiving an act of kindness.

So that's kind of what inadvertently happened today!

I've been going to the nearby university recently, and the price of parking there is outrageous. It ranges from $1.75 per half hour to $2.50! Usually I need to pay about $10 because of the length of my class- it maxes out at $15 for some lots but that is still quite a bit of money (it accumulates).

So today as I was waiting in the parking lot a car pulled up and a super kind lady just asked me if I wanted her ticket! She told me she had paid for the max, so it would still be valid and that she didn't need it anymore. A stranger just gave me something to save $10 simply out of kindness! It made my day!

After this I didn't really think much of it until I was pulling out about to leave, it was then I noticed another car had just arrived. Without even planning to do this, I pulled up and immediately asked if he had bought a ticket yet and if he wanted mine. This guys' reaction pretty much mirrored mine. He tried to explain that he would need it for a few hours but when I explained it was for the day he was soo gracious, and asked if he could give me something in return for it! I'm sure that for 1/4 of a millisecnd or I considered it super briefly, but in real life I told him 'no, don't worry about it!' immediately after, explaining that it had just been given to me similarly.

Honestly, receiving the kind gesture and even more so giving it forward to someone else made me feel so happy and appreciative and essentially made my day!

I just wanted to share that little bit with you guys, and wanted to ask if there was anything recently - anything from a kind gesture to something special- that made your day!

Wednesday, 28 May 2014


Here's a Tip guys: How to Save $ on Manicures

Hi Guys!

Getting a manicure can feel wonderful, it's great feeling pampered and can feel like you're getting the royal treatment. Reason for this post, well I just got one and can't stop looking and appreciating it! But of course, there is a downfall - it's expensive. I mean once in a while, it's really not too bad but after a while it really adds up!

So I know the obvious way (I mean, it's practically the elephant in the room) to save money is to simply - not to get one at all. You can buy a bottle of nail polish for the same price and do it for yourself!

But, they always just seem so perfectly well done. Applying nail polish perfectly is pretty much a craft- a skill. So what I wanted to let you know was that there is an in between!

A polish change.

If you ask for that, you receive a fraction of the treatment, for a fraction of the cost. I mean when you think of getting a manicure you normally think of how nicely they'll shape your nails and apply the polish right? So honestly you're not losing out on too much. What constitutes a full manicure usually includes some extra hand massaging, cuticle trimming and well simply - the works. But like I said, if you ask for a polish change they'll shape and file your nails and leave you with nails that you'll be just as proud of.

Why get one? Well it's usually quite a bit cheaper. I'm from Markham (which is essentially Toronto to those outside of Canada) and if I ask for just a polish change it usually cost me between $5-10.

Alright, well what if I do want the works? Well thats fine! But, what if I want Shellac too? Well, I'm sorry to break it to you but that manicure is starting to get more expensive! At the nail salon down the road from me they will tell you (after you ask), that it is $30.

But here's where it might be useful to skimp out a little. Shellac does have a long-lasting effect, and does provide some piece of mind that it won't chip immediately. I felt like it would be a sigh of relief knowing all this and decided that it was what I wanted, and I didn't want just the regular manicure.

So what I did, was ask for a Polish Change Shellac. Automatically, the nail stylist quoted me a different price - $22. I saved $8 by not having my hands massaged, and I walked out and within an hour (or day, or week) they would look nearly identically to what they would have looked like with a $30 shellac.

My hands just looked a little dry after all the buffering and filing sorry!

Gell OPI : Don't Burst my Bubble

To put it simply: my Shellac manicure was almost the same as a full Regular manicure except for only a few dollars!

Here's an approximate breakdown:
Regular Manicure: $17
Polish Change Manicure: $7
Regular Shellac: $30
Polish Change Shellac: $22

I think it was around $7 a few years ago, so it might be closer to $10 now.

Anyways, I always thought felt like this was such a 'secret'. I mean the lady who came in and asked probably thought, Wow $30? No thanks! I just wanted to shout over that there was a cheaper alternative..

Edit: So I thought I would share a picture of how my nails look now,July 15th, which is approximately 6 weeks later!
Shellac Nails 6 weeks later.
So it's actually pretty embarrassing posting this. I mean the nails look pretty rough but I just thought it would be pretty cool to see the before/after comparison. I mean usually without Shellac my nails would probably be in a much dire state within the next week. As you can see, you can actually see how much the nail itself has grown out. The Shellac is outlasting the rate of growth! Besides that 2/5 of the nails are actually still in near perfect/original condition, while the rest others have mild chipping along the edges. 

So have you ever gotten a Polish Change? How did you like it! What are your thoughts? Leave a comment!.

Tuesday, 20 May 2014


Stay Hydrated!

If only it could be easy to take your advice, maybe making this the title of the post would actually have an effect?

If you didn't know, it's important to stay hydrated. I mean everyone's heard the saying "Drink 8 Cups of Water a Day" but I'm not even sure if it is the magic number. What I do know though, is that what most people don't realize, is that it is actually more general - Drink 8 cups of Liquid a Day. So technically, when you have you tea or coffee throughout the day you are still actively contributing to that number! Granted, there are the effects such as dehydration which may cause you to think that it completely negates any positive outcome from it, but from what I've heard it doesn't!

Alright, so drinking lots of liquid is good. The exception however, is juice and pop! I'm a total sucker for all things sugar related, I mean I adore chocolate and love my candy but, but I've realized that I can get along fine without drinking the two just mentioned. I mean, you're literally just downing sugar water!

But that being said, I have to admit something. I'm terrible at this whole staying hydrated business. I mean, I can go through an entire day with one cup of coffee - I must be a camel or something because I'm just not that thirsty of a person! So instead of swapping out pop and juice for something I think I just took out beverages in general which is not good.

So here are some Tips to Stay Hydrated:

  • Drink a glass of water when you first wake up 
  • Purchase a water bottle - that has an attached straw 
    • I mean, I have a Camelbak "Sippy Cup" and if I can force myself to take a sip before I know it I actually finish the entire 750mL without realizing it!
  • Keep the water bottle in sight (if it is in your bag it'll just stay there)!
  • Try flavored water by adding in either cucumbers or lemon slices
  • Pick up some tea, there are so many speciality teas from Teavana to David's Teaa in addition to local teas from the grocery store - sipping on some tea is more enticing than water
  • If you're constantly looking for a snack repeatedly, try having a glass of water, your body might be tricking you since it is dehydrated
  • If you have a SodaStream start making use of it (but without all that sugar syrup)! Add this with the earlier tip of adding in some fruit.
Do you have any tips you could add on?  

Monday, 19 May 2014


Eating Healthy

Honestly, if you're going to eat clean and maintain a healthy lifestyle - this is the time. I mean, it's pretty much the fad. Every magazine you turn to features tips and tricks on how to eat well, and what exercises to do. It's still going to be hard. 

I mean, I can usually eat pretty well during the week. I think that's pretty common to most people, but oh - it's when the weekend hits that everyone slips up! I'm sure you can relate when you seem to tell yourself that "well, I've been good all week so I deserve this".

I think that somehow I've developed a sense of entitlement - to food. This is totally the wrong mindset, and I know it but I always seem to resort to it as an excuse to binge on all the deliciously bad-bad-for-you foods out there. Just because I didn't have it earlier in the week shouldn't mean that I should eat all of it, plus more later on.

The other problem is abundance! I'm sure that I'm not the only one with this dilemma either. I mean, we see all these lists of "healthy foods" or "healthy snacks" and so we label them or categorize them into being in the safe zone. But just because they're healthy, unless they're vegetables, doesn't mean we should eat cups and cups of it! You still need to moderate, even with healthy foods. Although some food like avocado, and peanut butter contain healthy fats- over eating them will still leave you with quite a shock, you don't want to be overeating.

Haha I'm not really sure what the takeaway message of this was, it was more so to call myself out on some of my personal mistakes I suppose. And to let you know that you're not alone if you share them!

Monday, 5 May 2014


Goodlife Membership 2014

Just came back from Goodlife and I'm officially a member!

This summer all I have really planned is studying for the MCAT, so I figured that if I had all this extra time around I might as well join the gym. Honestly most people waste their memberships, they sign up and never go. I plan on making good use out of mine!

For anyone in Markham/GTA I thought I would provide some price points so that you could save yourself a trip there. Sometimes it's just a lot more convenient to find everything online beforehand; however Goodlife keeps their membership fees offline to force you to go in for a consult!

The current Canada-wide fee as of May 5th, 2014 is  $25 bi-weekly.
The 'area' (North Toronto) fee is $24 bi-weekly.
The one-location fee is $22 bi-weekly.

These are the year round fees with pre-authorized bank payment/withdrawals. University student's who are only looking for a summer pass should still look at this, if you give the gym advance notice (2-4 weeks) then you are waived the $90/99 cancellation fee!

The current 'summer promotional' package they have created for University students is $230+ tax upfront.

Hope this helps someone out! Can't wait to go to all the classes.