Friday, 21 February 2014


Reflection: Current Events

This may sound strange, but recently I've realized that I wanted to educate myself on with current events. And what I found was that the more I read, the more clueless I really feel. It kind of goes along the lines of "realizing how much you don't know" and it honestly scares me.

The thing is, I know that I'm not the only one. It's pretty much everyone in my generation. What do we do with our free time? Most of it is spent uselessly on social media or watching TV. Although it's good to have a balance, and to leave room for entertainment - it definitely doesn't seem healthy when it's taking up 100% of my time! It's unfortunate how accessible and widespread social media has become, it has just become too convenient. All we do now is try to 'keep up' with what other people are doing and always trying to 'connect' with others via Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and even LinkedIn.

The problem is, now I don't even know where to start. I've been trying to read The Economist since I know it is more of a challenging read, but there is just so much information jam packed in one issue it takes me ages to get through it and by then another issue has already been printed! To keep up with these articles I feel that they assume that readers have prior knowledge, which I really don't have.
Why is it that we would rather "Keep Up with the Kardashians" which bring us no value whatsoever than to keep up with Current Events and to be simply knowledgeable of what is happening around the world? To be honest, if I met someone my age who was well informed about all this I would be so impressed. On the edge of early adulthood, at age 20, I feel that it's important that me  and others growing up start to show more interest in the world we live in.

I only wish there was an easier way to do so. If not for the challenging read, I feel like it would be great  just be subscribe to a blog or a feed with summarized and to the point news written in layman terms. Hell, I have 'CP24' and 'The Toronto Star' on my twitter and follow them but I feel like half the news they report are extremely local or not really 'newsworthy'. I would love to work with a team for such a task..


  1. Wow, I couldn't agree with you more! Seriously, I know that I know ''a fair amount'' of what is ''going on'' compared to many people (that have no interest in knowing) but I still can't help noticing how much I DON'T know and it kind of freaks me out. I have become obsessed with productivity and at the end of the day, entertainment is awesome but it's also kind of like a distraction! I have made a very (out of character) decision to apply to a bachelors degree called International Business and Politics, starting this fall. I guess this means I will really have to up my game when it comes to current events! I totally agree, it is so challenging sometimes and often I would rather read something SUPER easy like The Hunger Games, than a novel written by Charlotte Bronte, which is sad when you think about it..Thanks for the tips about CP24 and The Toronto Star!!

    1. Hi Alexandra!

      Although I love my fashion magazines, and gossip tabloids (I mean who doesn't love some celebrity gossip) I'm going to try mixing up my reading material a bit. Perhaps some news or "real world stuff" will help balance out my leisurely reads! That's actually sounds amazing, you'll pretty be immersed in the content and probably won't even have to worry about this at all haha. Tell me how it goes!



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