Monday, 6 January 2014


Sephora Birthday 2014

Happy New Year!

A new year means a new round of Sephora Birthday gifts. Well, I tend to associate these two since my birthday is on New Years so I pretty much get to be one of the first group of people to receive the new sephora gift! I know there's already been some promotional pictures but everyone loves seeing personal photos as well taken by bloggers themselves right?

Before I direct you on your way to the photos I've got to say, this is really an incredible program that definitely is win-win-win! It is great for Sephora since it promotes their Beauty Insider Loyalty Card and brings customers into their store where they might be 'accidentally' side tracked into making other purchases on their way to the cashiers. It is great for customers because who doesn't love getting free stuff, or even better free stuff on their birthday, or even better free makeup on their birthday! And lastly, which company doesn't want to be Sephora's Official Gift sponsor of the year? Sephora has a huge loyalty program, and just think about how many people are now holding onto your products and giving these sample sized a chance ? It's simply a very effective sample, distributing, and marketing technique!

Onwards. Here are some close ups. Excuse the image quality, lighting and etc.

My skin looks super yellow or orange for some reason but hopefully it helps you get an idea of how the lipstick looks like. At first glance it looks like a very bold, stage red, but it is actually quite subtle and was creamy with just the right amount of colour for an every day look!

I haven't worn the mascara too much yet but the stores associate told me she was actually liking it more than Benefit's They're Real from last year (which I loved!!)

It looks really red but I assure you it is not (whether you were or not looking forward to it).

It's a "christmas" tree brush.

My skin doesn't normally look like that, the lighting was really strange.

I actually have to apologize because these photos do not do it justice. It actually looks even lighter than that and more subtle.

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