Wednesday, 1 January 2014


Orlando Premium Outlets and a Little More

I swear I should start a challenge: hit up all the Premium Outlets, since I've already been to so many. Off the top of my head I've been to some in Pennsylvania, Woodbury/New York, California, and Florida. I could actually probably find a more thorough list if I signed onto my account on their website..

Anyways I was in Florida for just over a week this December (2013) and here is most of what I collected! I always buy too many extra/accessories and miscellaneous stuff and too little tops - which is what I am usually lacking when I look in my closet trying to figure out what to buy! 

So in the top right is a Mini Amanda Black Tory Burch purse. I love it, but to be honest it's a bag that I've really grown to love. At first glance I didn't even love it that much, hell, I wasn't even looking for a black back! But I've realized the black really makes it look like a high quality bag along with the gold hardware. I've actually been searching for a Tory Burch bag for the past two summers. I even ordered this very bag in another colour (Electric Eel or something) from Neiman Marcus unfortunately, but fortunately for me now, they were out of stock and were not able to follow through. I'm so thankful for the Vineland Tory Burch Outlet store!

Got some nice knit 'thick' socks from K-mart, $5/2 pairs due to an ongoing promotion. Here in Canada roots sells two pairs for something like $17! These will help me with the boots that are slightly too big for me.

About $80 worth of Forever 21 stuff - a really cute lace skirt for $7, a necklace, falsies, cuff earrings, a pair of heels (red/gold studded - I definitely think they were a) for $20, a black blouse, and leggings.

Cargo colour looking pants from J Crew - their factory store had a 50% off sale!

Some Victoria Secret body lotions for $3-4, a body spray for $4, and some PINK thongs!

Lululemon had a great sale where all bras were $20 ! Normally they can range from $40-60 which is really expensive, I got their Itty Bitty Bracer bra for running, I think it's normally over $65. I also got one of their tops that are attached to a sports bra for $36-38 which was pretty good considering it is also usually over $60.

Two necklaces from Charlette Reuse- thanks for the student discount!

On a separate note, I got a Sephora Gift Card for Christmas so I went ahead and bought myself the Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette. I've been eyeing it, I feel like an addict, I don't actually need it but I feel like I almost wanted it just to add it to my collection and because everyone raves about it so much! I have about $20 left and don't know what to spend it on (there's too much wonderful stuff in the store). I really like Benefit's They're Real Mascara.. but YSL has the most gorgeous Lipsticks...

I am also slightly embarassed to say I took the splurge, I splurged $22 on Tweezerman's Slanted Edge Tweezers. The reviews on them are phenomenol! For an item that can sell as low as $2-4, they certainly are successful selling them for more than 5x the bargain price. From what I've seen they hold up true to their word. You know those little tiny baby hairs that you can't seem to grab? The ones that slip from between your tweezers? Those don't happen using Tweezerman's, it's like an iron grip ! Furthermore ...I was so lucky the sales associates told me that the store was trying to get rid of a lot of old stock. They told me to take as many OPI nail designs as I wanted. They normally retail for over $10 and on top of that they through in more samples! So really the $22 paid for a lot more than just 1 pair of tweezers.

I finally picked up Trader Joe's Cookie It really is delicious; however, the President Choice's spinoff might actually be just as good if not better. Who doesn't like eating Cookie in the form of a spread? What I found that the Cookie Butter actually tasted better spread across toast (and not eaten by the spoonful), who knew.

At Nordstrom Rack I got a 3.4 oz bottle of Versace Women for $45 + tax, I always feel like I'm spending too much but knowing that this normally retails for nearly $90 seemed to convince me otherwise! I also got a cute vertically striped blouse (I've started to avoid horizontal stripes, they don't seem to flatter me ahha).

A bottle of Raspberry Smirnoff from the Duty Free, just $17 for what I think might be a '40'. I'm pretty sure it looks bigger than a '26'?

Lastly I picked up a book about the events leading up to 1989 regarding the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War.

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