Wednesday, 1 January 2014


New Years Resolutions 2014

"I had some resolutions.. I forget what they were though"

I'm just going to go ahead and write down some of my resolutions for 2014. Of course, you shouldn't have to wait just for the New Year to make positive changes for yourself, but for some reason the start of the year, fresh start, just seems to be a good catalyst for it.

  1. Be stronger. Physically. Mentally. Hit the gym, build some muscle, lean out and lose some of that fat! Don't let other's actions affect you as much, don't let other people determine your emotions and make you mad, sad, or grief. I feel like this is unavoidable, so if anything try to let it affect you less. 
  2. Be happier. Don't depend on other people for this, make small changes in your own life.. This year I realized that I just wanted to be a lot more knowledgeable. Read more. It will help you a lot, when people realize that you are actually well rounded, well learned and that you can actually converse on many topics it will make a difference (it will also help when people are assessing you ie. any med school interviews -hopefully)!
  3. Drink more water. It stops you from snacking and eating as much, and there's just a huge list of all the benefits you reap when you stop depriving your body of it it. Drink a glass in the morning one at night, heck keep your sippy cup with you throughout the day. Drink at least 750mL a day if not 1.5L!
  4. Be less stressed. If 2013 taught me anything, I can not handle stress well. The more stressed I get about something, more likely I am to crash and burn and to simply fail. So being less stressed and clear minded should only increase my productivity then. 
  5. Stop letting your life revolve around food. I swear it regulated by days "this until Lunch", "until Dinner", "After Dinner", or "What to Snack". Eat when you're actually hungry, not when you are bored or just because you're like oo it tastes good. Free stuff: my biggest excuse. Just because it's free does not mean you have to eat it, don't stop just..maybe eat half. 
  6. Get your life together. Be more organized, and a little bit more clean. Try to stop losing everything, it makes you sad, stressed, and is literally costing you (money) to replace everything. 
  7. Stop rushing, it is better to be early than late.
  8. Assume all guys -are just friends. It doesn't seem help to assume otherwise  
  9. Update this blog more :) Nobody seems to read it but I don't mind that ! By the time I decide that this finished it will be like a journal/memoir, but nevertheless I love getting comments.. even if it has only been a few. So if you do end up stumbling across this page, please leave a message, even if it's just a 'Hi'! 
There are definitely some more that are necessary but these seem to be the first key resolutions I want to be reminded of ! 

What were your resolutions this year? 

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