Friday, 17 January 2014


January 2014 Benefit Topbox Review

Alright I haven't been that impressed with the past few topboxes, and to cut costs I've thought about cancelling my subscription. I figured, alright if this one sucks I'm going to finally cancel it, but then I got this.

I filled out one of those emails they send every so often, fill out a survey and give them input as to which box you prefer: regular or their specialty one. Normally I go with their regular one but I really like benefit and was glad to be chosen for one this month!

Honestly, this month it felt really worth it. I mean, on the desk I actually have Sephora's goody box from Benefit (value pack) that I unfortunately am giving away as a gift. The mascara Bad Gal Lash seems identical to the size that you pay $12 alone for at Sephora!

Anyways it was cute they set up the theme to go with Chinese New Year! An

The typical packaging that the box comes in.

The nicely decorated 'carton' everything was placed inside.

A quarter has been placed next to samples for size reference.

I wish they had sent "They're Real" but I love this as well! 

This is a multi tint that can be used for lips, blush and etc. I tried it on, and for lips it's really great because it's nice and subtle while giving just a little bit of color. 

It's funny, I've gotten so many mascaras over the past year that I've had a subscription I don't remember the last time I've actually had to go to the store and purchase one myself. In addition with the Sephora birthday gifts I feel like I always have one to go to 'in-storage' if I need a new one. 

Haha I accidentally had the title as January 2015 - guess I'm looking too far into the future. Anyway now that's what the link has been set to! 


  1. I received the same box as well. I enjoy Benefit's products and that's why I picked this prive box but kind of disappointed with the tiniest sample size of FakeUp which I'm most looking forward to try.

    1. Agreed, when I get 'samples' I hope that there's enough product that I could use it more than once..

  2. agree with above, love the box but might as well have not even included the fake up it's too tiny =P

    1. Haha I nearly forgot about it, it was so small I didn't even think to take a photo of the product alone.


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