Friday, 27 December 2013


Searching for a Terry Robe

Dear Readers,

Where can I find a cheap Terry bath robe for use after stepping out of the shower? I don't want one of those sleeveless 'dress' looking robes - I want a short one with sleeves!

For some reason they seem to be extremely expensive, but with sales at "$60" it is hardly a sale. I've tried searching every where and can't seem to find one. There must be another way besides raising the amount that I am willing to spend ($30-35).


Friday, 13 December 2013


Aritzia, no one likes being deceived.

Alright so I'm a pretty big fan of Aritzia. I've been shopping for the last few years, from the time that TNA was the brand to have to realizing that its just a logo that gets plastered around, I've learned to appreciate some of their nicer lines like Wilfred.

When they first expanded onto their online ecommerce platform I was excited. I mean who doesn't like being able to shop online on their own time from the comfort of their own home or even mid lecture (oops).

Now, every so often I get emails from Aritzia, which is great - I mean I get noticed when there are sales and events! However what makes me angry everyone is when I read their misleading emails, they always like to plaster "Free Shipping" everyone from the email title to throughout emails. The problem is that it isn't! And you only realize this if you scroll all the way to the bottom where they say in their misleading fine print "Over $150". I can at least respect the stores who advertise it complete on their website "Free Shipping over $150!!". However the first reaction when you see the first two words (alone) is to think that there are no strings attached. That's why I'm always so frustrated when Aritzia sends out its emails - where's the honesty and transparency?

Furthermore their sale policy is not very customer friendly to say the least. The stores I choose to frequently shop online are those which offer returns, and the icing on top is when they offer in store returns! It allows me to make purchases with much higher confidence, or at least hit the check out button more freely. Aritzia offers neither, their sale items are final sale. Meaning that if you do not know which size you are and haven't tried it on specifically in store then you are in frog or (everything fits differently). So even when I see the best sales on their website, I realize it is only a waste to browse through it as I know that paying that money for something that may not fit or I might not like.

Update : I just realized today (June 17th so about 6 months later from the original post) that their return policy has changed, yay! Now sale items can be brought back to the store within 14 days for store credit. It's not as great as a refund, but I shop there enough that it's not too much of an inconvenience. Hurray Aritzia for looking after their customers and providing great service!

Anyways that's just my thoughts on their online ecommerce.

Does anyone agree?

Wednesday, 11 December 2013


Disappointed at Western University's Undergraduate Counselling

Earlier this week I had what happens to be a panic attack. It wasn't just a memory slip, I was feeling nauseous and light headed - not only could I not focus on the exam I couldn't put my thoughts in order or think clearly. I felt extreme anxiety and could barely calm myself down and tried to take deep breathes to slow my body down. The exam wasn't even very hard but when you're in that state it makes it difficult to work through it. I even had a cheat sheet but could barely use it.

Anyways immediately after the exam I walked over to my professor asking what I could do from that point explaining what had just happened. He told me that it would probably be ok if I got the necessary documentation from the doctor and spoke to my academic counsellor.

I went to the student health services and spoke to a doctor who did provide me with a doctors note. It was fair, and mentioned that it was his first time seeing me (its pretty much walk in so that's not surprising) and it seemed like I had a panic attack and put it until mental health.

After handing in the paperwork my counsellor asked me to come meet with him. Here is the part that has me questioning the university's own honesty.
Throughout the school year I have seen its efforts go toward campaigns supporting mental health and any stigma that comes with it. One of the biggest hurdles faced is that people do not take it as serious as a physical illness. My counsellor seemed to question the legitimacy of what I said, and stated that it was a self diagnosis - since my doctor couldn't see what was happening himself. Does that mean that anyone affected with a mental illness will be questioned and doubted?

Furthermore the absurdity of it was there was no future prevention. The university's policy is that you can leave the exam within the first 30 minutes. What was wrong with my request was that I had stayed. The problem here is that you are not allowed to leave after the 30!! By staying you count as having written the exam - but really, is there any other choice? No! Essentially he told me next time 'if I suffered from another panic attack I should leave in the first 30 minutes.' I'm sorry I cannot plan when it happens. Of course I had not planned to have it past the 30 minutes were up. So if this happens again, after the 30 nothing will chance and they will not accommodate you. Does if mean if someone starts vommitting halfway through the exam they will not be excused?

I was also cc'ed on the email sent to my professor regarding why he would not support my accommodation. I found his email unfair and biased as he noted that ' I think I had a panic attack' , as opposed to stating that I had said I had one. By using the word 'think' he puts doubt/question into what I said. This was incorrect as it was also the doctor himself who printed on the note that it was him who thought that it was what happened. He further went to say that the doctors note was 'inconclusive' -failing to mention exactly what I just said; I feel that it implies to my professor that the doctor really didn't find anything wrong at all when this is not the case.

My counsellor mentioned not to go to the exam if it happens again, when this was not something that happened prior that I could avoid. He said that people 'blank' all the time - offending me since he seemed to think that it was not a big deal at all and that what occurred was really just an every day occurrence of little severity. He also commented on how you should just take a Tylenol for a headache - he said he knew that I did not have a headache but it seemed like he was paralleling the two which was again highly offensive.

Not impressed Western.