Thursday, 7 November 2013


Hiatus due to University

It's only been two months, yet it feels like so much time has passed already. Currently I am a second year student at UWO (University of Western Ontario) and honestly it's been a struggle.

It started out great with some time-intensive dedication to the first week - O- Week (orientation). Where student leaders known as Sophs dedicate their attention and energy towards creating the best first year orientation/ student experience in the country. The USC worked to make lives easier and improving the experience from previous years, and this was evident - even to me, as a first time soph. Previously volunteers complained about long hours and lack of accomodations. This year, meetings (for my team at least) were no longer held during the early hours of the morning; nevertheless, days spanned from 7am-2am. Furthermore a Soph rest station was created so that down times could be met with naps and snacks. For the first few days, sophs were met with boxes and boxes of Mr. Big bars. It seemed never-ending, until it was gone within a few days. I could have sworn I saw people eat several throughout the day - hopefully this wasn't a meal replacement!

Anyways despite the long post - it turned out a lot differently than what I had initially intended. When I have more time I will definitely go back and update this 'Oweek post'

Anyways as one of the many students with "AEO - Advanced Entry Opportunity" status for the Ivey Business School, I am required to take one business course known to most simply by the course code as '2257'. This along with my science course load has definitely been gruelling.

SO: here are my Second Year tips for Biomed 2257 Kids!

  • Don't put your 2257 and Lab Course (2290) together on the same day! Unlike first year these two courses both require regular work and attention - there are quizzes, cases, assignments and readings due for every single class. With the classes being scheduled two days a week you will either be in for a long day of classes, or doing a lot of work in preparation for that work! 
    • At this point I wish that I had them separated as (MW) and (TTh).
And then to be 100% honest; I decided to write this rough draft of some future entry as a short break from the panic which arises as I realize that I will be getting maybe 4 hours of sleep tonight...


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