Thursday, 22 August 2013


The Tides - Newbrunswick Hotel Restaurant

Our second official day here of seafood goodness, and we found a restaurant that had some delicious food!

Located in Alma, NB off the Fundy bay this restaurant is small and quaint. 

The decor is really nice and simple, but yet just enough for it to be really enjoyable. There's a view of the shore where you can watch the tide begin to shrink away pretty rapidly. 
 We ordered quite a few dishes that arrived very nicely presented which reflected a lot of care and attention that was given by the chef. 

The service was great too, we were met by a very friendly waitress who had a great personality. She was helpful, and gave some great tips on how to year apart the 1lb lobster that was ordered. 

Two crab cakes. 

Calamari, it was a little bland but tasted great with the dipping sauce which had just a little bit of 'hot'. 

Two versions of the same seafood linguine. One had a creamy Cajun sauce whereas another was cooked simply with garlic/oil. Both were very colourful and not only looked but tasted delicious. 

Their fresh lobster at market price was ~27. 

Lobster dip- also delicious! The tortilla/nacho chips were definitely deep fried and although delicious, it is definitely not nutritious ( :(  ). 

Deep fried clams, a menu item we had seen a few times since arriving in the maritimes. It was really good! Similar to calamari but with clams. 

A lobster club house, essentially a BLT with an additional layer of lobster. Around $17, pretty good. 

As you can see a lot of food was ordered! It was a great experience and I would highly recommend it. 

Have you been to Alma? 

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