Thursday, 22 August 2013


New Brunswick Restaurant : Grannan Review

Unfortunately my phone died by the time dinner arrived so I wasn't able to take photos! Any how I felt that it really wasn't up to par.

Lets start with the decor, it was definitely nicely decorated. There's a wooden interior, and a lot of memorabilia with steering wheels and a dated diving suit. However I went in the evening and with the sun out of sight it left the sky dark with only the city lights. There's very little lighting inside , as such it was extremely dim inside. My family friend was actually using a phone as a flash light to read an email. At or table (of seven) we had only one light and an unlit candle that remained unlit until the dinner was nearly over. 

So what my problem was with the restaurant was that I felt that few of us got our money's worth. The menus descriptions created expectations that were not met. 

The price range of this money is slightly on the expensive side, as meals ranged from $15-30. You would think that, as a regular North American restaurant (not fine dining), meals would be slightly on the larger size or have portions that reflected its price tag. What I noticed for a few of these meals (there were seven of us) was that dishes would be served in fairly small dishes , but were simply placed on top of a larger dish that was either empty or served with a few vegetables. 

For a ~23 pasta, there was very little vermicelli in the clam dish! For another elaborate menu item priced at $31, it too was met with disappointment as this seafood dish was served in a plate no larger than a cantaloupe! The menu had given it a mouth watering description with a lot of seafood, instead it was more of a dish that was mainly mashed potato. 

Two orders were placed for the lobster linguine, with one special request - a change of sauce. They simply asked for the Alfredo sauce to be replaced with an oil/garlic which is normally something that can be easily done by chefs. Instead the dish was very bland, with a very mediocre sauce. If at all it felt like they hadn't replaced it with anything! The waiter  actually brought it out describing it as 'no sauce'. 

Furthermore, I know that the service of a waitress should not reflect completely on the restaurant, but the employee is still the only contact that customers have with the company. We found the waitress to be not very courteous, we had merely asked for the one candle at our table to be lit (we could not see very well) but we were told "...I'll just add that to my list of other things I have to do.." as if to imply that she was too busy to meet our needs. 

Lastly I ordered the "Seafood Crepe" which was supposed to be savoury filled with lobster white fish and shrimp (I think).  Needless to day it wasn't really what I had expected. The crepe was completely covered in melted cheese, and inside it was filled with a creamy mixture. The mixture was so creamy that I didn't really know what I was eating , all in all I would say that it was just 'okay'. The seafood that was supposed to be inside really could not be distinguished. 

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