Friday, 26 July 2013


An Ordeal with Nordstrom and Litas

For the longest time I have eyed the Jeffrey Campbell Lita's. Today while scouring the Urban Outfitter's web site I found a deal that made my day! They were on sale for $120 but the deal turned sour when I looked at the sizes that were left. 8.5 .. 9... 10 ..Too big! I needed a 7, 7.5, and with that I was pretty upset that I had missed out. Not only was it an opportunity to save a lot of money but from what I could see, other websites were discontinuing them (left with only the large sizes) and that there would be no more renewal shipments! Side note: these shoes are regularly $160 USD.

I realized that Nordstrom was known for having good price-matching adjustments, and so off I went to talk to some associates via their Live Chat. After showing them the website I realized that Urban was even having a $20 off 100+ orders promotion, this means that the total came to $100! Awesome! It had been worth the wait. 

..I'm not actually 100% sure if the size 7 will fit but I'm hoping it does because reviews say that it should be true to size!

Anyways after talking to two employees and validating that it was an authentic site, they were eager to put the order in for me. I was so happy about the price until they reminded me that there would be duties and taxes at the border of $50. This is absurd, it nearly brings the price back to the original amount! I told them that I would like to think about it (very hesitant about the order) and they said that the price adjustment would still stand later on. I should add in that I was so excited that they confirmed the price-match that I took photos of the chat on my phone!

seven hours later...

I decided that I wanted to place the order! And man, this is where the drama came in. I linked the worker to the website, same as before, because I hadn't been given any reference number earlier. He then told me that price matches can not be made if items are of different sizes! At this point, I didn't really care what the policy said because I was upset - I was upset that I had already been told one thing and that they did not want to follow through. At this point I pursued my case, in retail there is a mantra that is usually followed "The Customer is Always Right". If something is wrong or you are not receiving the proper amount of customer care, speaking to the manager is always a viable option. As such I told them very explicitly that I wanted a phone number to speak to a manager (since this was initially an online chat) and that I was extremely upset with the service and receiving. Not only was this the case, I actually had proof of the aforementioned promises! 

things got even more weird

He had read the chat, and said "I have looked into these chats and I can confirm these are not chats with Nordstrom employees" At this point I was like excuse me?
  "If that is the case then there is a bigger issue at hand. I would like to talk to a manager immediately as there is an issue with your website, you have an issue where the Nordstrom Live Chat window is being accessed by "not Nordstrom employees" who are making false promises. This is ridiculous.
For some reason, this issue was not fully addressed since he decided to accept my evidence for the promised price-match. It mindboggles me how that could have happened, supposedly an employee offered me a policy that shouldn't have been offered and they offered shipping options that aren't even available!
I was finally about to have my order placed, when I was disconnected with the sales employee due to technical difficulties (which only added to my frustration). Thank goodness I was greeted with some great service, everything else from there was smooth sailing. Entered name, credit card info and etc, and next thing I know I had the confirmation email for my Taupe Jeffrey Campbell Litas!

The last little obstacle that freaked me out was when I noticed reading over the confirmation email that the billing address was wrong! In the past I had gotten orders cancelled due to billing addresses that did not match, so I contacted Nordstrom asap. She was about to cancel my order to fix it when she alerted me that the payment had already gone through (less than half an hour later) and there was actually no need to worry. I don't know if I should be worried that my bank is confirming payments with inaccurate  billing addresses or happy that I am getting my shoes - well of course I know what I'm more excited about.

Comment if you've had any similar experiences with Nordstrom or online shopping in general!

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