Tuesday, 30 July 2013


AeonAttire - Up and coming!

So today while I was at work, I was doing what a lot of people do (but shouldn't be) which is checking up on Facebook. I actually saw this jointly posted on Instagram when my interest was piqued! A friend posted a picture of these neat "Sunnies" with a caption that mentioned AeonAttire. From what I could assume, she knew this company and with some quick digging I formed the connection between the two - she knew one of the co founders!

When I find something interesting like that (and am also quickly losing interest in work) I start googling, opening tabs, and pulling sites here and there to form a mental summary.

From their main website I made some mental notes:

  • it seemed to be a clothing/fashion company
  • there was a mention of "tapering" - which seems to be their main product
  • they are definitely new and just starting out
To add on to the last point, the magazine had an interesting caption, it mentioned the idea of crowdfunding which is a concept that is quickly becoming more and more popular. Although I haven't dug into the topic and don't have a full understanding of what it is, from what I can tell it is when the group/organization informs the public of their main goal and asks for their help and support in the form of donations/ funds/ seed money.

For any Torontonians out there I may be wrong, but I believe this concept is what was used when Gawker tried to raise the money (~100,000) to purchase the video of Rob Ford regarding the cocaine scandal.

Anyways that's sort of off track from the main point, what this company AeonAttire is trying to do is campaign for their new line of sunglasses. There is a goal amount, and already in an extremely short amount of time a large amount of money has been pooled through pledges. Looking at their twitter account I've also noticed their heavy online presence as they try to capture the attention of those with heavy media presences, such as Leah Miller and CTV, by Tweeting them about said Sunnies.

What really fascinated me was their story. It may sound somewhat cliche "started from the bottom" but nonetheless their story is extremely unique; I was extremely impressed with their adventure and how they got to where they are today. They truly inspire anyone who is an entrepreneur or who is looking to start something similar. One of the hardest parts of beginning a company (besides finding the selling point or main point) is finding the starting money. 

AeonAttire is formed of three co-owners, three best friends, two of which are twins. Things had been rough at home forcing the two twins to move in with their friend. They realized one day that they could create an extremely interesting product from something that is extremely ordinary and usually used to hold bed sheets in place. Although this was the birth of their product they didn't have the funds necessary to create the product in mind.

 And so they worked hard, and danced hard when they busked at Yonge and Dundas, right in front of the Eaton Centre - you may have even passed them. It was through these hours of hard work that they accumulated the funds sufficient to create an accessory that is used to taper pant legs. Simply roll up the pants, and cuff them with this taper. Of course these boys are fashionable, they wouldn't just rebrand the band with a different function in mind, they gave it a design. Now people through the streets of Toronto could customize their pants giving them an edge over others, truly giving it a different look while falling into the current trend which is the slimming of pant legs. 

I was quite surprised looking at their Facebook group, already a bunch of my friends had liked their page. People who believe to have not been original acquaintances had already heard of their product line! Wow. 

Not only are they creative, innovative, talented at dancing and fashionable they are empathetic. In addition to their tapers, they are also selling circle scarves with a similar model as that of Tom's shoes. With every one that you purchase, they will donate one to those who are homeless and living in the streets of Toronto. As they busked their butts throughout the winter they were exposed to the harsh conditions that many had to endure and wanted to use what they grown and to put it towards good use. Looking at a few pictures, the scarfs certainly look warm! I definitely want to buy one now, unfortunately I don't know if they are still selling them and couldn't find a link on their website. 

Already they are being featured in some stores, and are being contacted by people internationally; their is certainly a demand for what they have designed. 

I look forward to seeing their growth as they gain more recognition (already they have been featured on MuchMusic and FashionArtToronto)!

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