Monday, 17 June 2013


Visa - misc

You know what's strange? For most people they find that they're able to budget and keep track of their money easier when they pay with cash. I find, in contrast, that charging things on my visa helps me know what I'm spending. Besides having to think about every swipe (which is what most people don't do) I love the fact that it creates a transaction record.

I'm actually really bad at keeping track of receipts and so I find that it can be hard to know how much I'm really spending. For example, when I pay for food with cash I find that it's really hard to account for that money. Most people don't really keep those receipts from Tim Hortons or Jack Astors, but I think it's important to know where the money is flowing! For that reason I actually try to charge everything on credit.

I also don't know how to properly store my receipts, right now they're getting thrown into an old Converse shoe box but it's not exactly the right size so I just end up with a pile of disorganized chaos! Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to properly manage them? I've read that some people use letter envelopes and I think that's pretty interesting and might just start to do that.

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