Thursday, 13 June 2013


Topbox June 2013

Around the mid beginning of every month, I come home super excited in anticipation for my Topbox (a subscription service). It's great since they send you an email once it has been delivered, so you know from work or school or wherever you are that you have a parcel at home anticipating your return.

As I may have mentioned already, I used to subscribe to Loose Button's Luxe Box, but it was only after a short while that I realized that the products weren't suiting my needs and it was becoming a waste of my money - which is why I ended up with TopBox.

It's approximately $13 and I really like the products (the majority of the time). They'll usually give you a mix of products that are by an established brand, and some that are up and coming (Eyeko for example -yes I had it before it hit Sephora).

This month I got four items: a Belvada mini eyelash curler, Benefit's Sugarbomb lip gloss, Jelly Pong Pong's Fairy Lashes Mascara and Paris's Colour Cubes Loose Pigment.

I was surprisingly impressed with the eyelash curler! I normally used the popular/favourite amongst Asians curler by Shiseido. Most curlers don't curve around my eyes properly since they're physiologically different than Caucasian eyes! Usually they don't reach for enough without accidentally clipping my eyelids, but to my surprise they curled them extremely easily. However as a disclaimer, I did use it after having already applied mascara earlier on in the day. Regardless it was easy to use and reached the base of my lashes with ease.

The Sugarbomb lipgloss comes in a shade that I love. It's not too bright but has the right amount of shimmer and color. You can see depending on how much you apply it can come out as a nice rosy pink or nice and sheer. I put it on briefly and found that it had a nice subtle scent, it was also nice and not sticky (a problem that many lip glosses seem to face).

I haven't tried the mascara yet but I love the outer tube that it comes in. Might post a short review or update to this later.

And finally, I got some loose pigment in shades I really liked. The only thing worse than getting a bad product is getting something that's good but in a colour that you don't like or won't ever use, so thank goodness for that! It's actually pretty funny because when I first opened the package I saw that the eye shadow was all broken and powdery. I was instantly upset that the shadow had broken apart on its delivery (the packaging skip forgot to mention that it was loose powder). Thankfully after opening it (and before sending a complaint to topbox) I realized that it was supposed to be like this and my happiness was renewed.

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