Sunday, 30 June 2013


Aritzia : Mail!

This year I was lucky enough to receive an email from Aritzia saying that I was on their private sale list!

Once a year Aritzia invites their 'favourite customers' to shop a private sale where every item in store is on sale for 20% off (or more depending on the brand). People don't know what exactly it is that qualifies them, but it's a pretty good hypothesis that these people are frequent shoppers who spend a certain amount each year.

It kind of confused me because I feel like this year I spent very little in comparison to previous years, in fact I seem to spend less every year. Nevertheless I love this sale because for some items the 20% off is still more than some of their typical discounts of $5-10! Maybe it's during these sales that I actually spend enough to qualify for their sale? That would be pretty ironic. I actually usually share an account with my mother who will shop there every once in a whole so it might be for that reason that our total piles up a little more.

What usually happens is you go in store and show a sales associate your email, after this they hand you a printed card listing all the discounts next to the brands that they sell. What I noticed was slightly different was that this year they seemed to look at the email more thoroughly to see if it was legitimate. I'm guessing that some people forward the email to another or perhaps screenshot it on their mobile devices if they weren't able to get one of these 'Invites'.

Anyways what's new is that this year Aritzia finally joined the packs of its fellow retailers and finally began the ecommerce component of its company. What's even nicer is that they allowed customers to access this private sale online and provided the same discounts.

It's pretty funny because I spent a few days trying to decide whether I should buy their Wilfred Diderot cardigan. Well technically I think I've been thinking it over for years (ever since it first came out) but even more so since it would now be $76 instead of $96. I had finally decided to get it but had procrastinated! What happened was that I was about to go to Cuba the next day, and I made a mistake thinking that the mall would be open late on a Saturday - turns out it closes at 6! I realized I could order it online, but between packing and other tasks it slipped my mind again. The sale ended while I was away on vacation, and only remembered this mistake at the gates of the air port! Thank goodness for mobile technology! I didn't bring my own phone since I wouldn't be needing it during my trip but thankful my parents did. So what did I do during the half hour of extra time waiting to board the plane? I ordered my cardigan last minute online on a phone!

It's great because the parcel was waiting for me when I got home, and the packaging actually seems a lot nicer than what I would have walked out with from the store! So no regrets here. I also don't know if it had to do with the 'private status' but my order didn't reach the $100 minimum for free shipping but the $8 shipping free was still waived when I was checking out.

Aritzia candle
I even got a 'second' candle! The first one I bought was Fig while this second one I bought is Rose. Supposedly you can get multiple candles if you buy from Aritzia, TNA and Wilfred but I guess online gets you another one! I forgot to mention that these candles are their gifts to you (along with a purchase) and occur every year for their 'First Tier'. Usually it's a beach towel and up until this year I never qualified for a gift.

Wilfred diderot cardigan

Aritzia candle

Aritzia candle

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