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Loose Button Winter 2012

Hi Guys!

I originally had a post Canada Beauty Boxes about Loose Button's Luxe Box, and since then I have received two boxes! As mentioned I pay $26 every quarter of the year; it's actually cheaper if you agree to a longer subscription but I like having the option of cancelling at any time which is why mine is $26 as opposed to $24 or $25. In addition to that there is a Flare magazine subscription, compliments of Loose Button.

The first two pictures show how nice the packaging is. Although it is just a white box, it's embossed in gold and so it looks super chic and classy. I love that the samples came in the bag similar to the dust bags you get with purses. The packaging definitely adds a nice touch, adding value to the set of samples that you receive. 

This time I received 8 products (mostly samples with one or two full sized products):

  • Essence Absolue Oil-in-Cream (Shu Uemura)
  • Woman (Donna Karan - Perfume)
  • Strictly Curls Curl Defining Lotion (Marc Anthony - Unfortunately my hair is straight so this product was pretty useless for me)
  • Kabuki Brush (Loose Button)
  • Osis+ Dust It
  • Bamboo Facial Cleaning Cloths
  • Algae Mask (Blue Lagoon Skin Care)
  • Essence Absolue (Nourishing Protective Oil - Shu Uemura) 
My only qualms about this subscription is that the products don't seem to match what I really need or want. 

Hair: Personally, I don't really require too much product for my hair; however that seems to be all they want to send me! I definitely don't need the Marc Anthony product; while the Shu Uemura products are questionable. My hair is pretty normal, it hasn't been dyed before and I straighten it pretty infrequently so it's pretty healthy and undamaged. As such  I don't actually feel that I need Essence products, but since I do have the samples I probably will give it a try. 

Perfume: I thought that the bottle the DK Perfume came in was pretty nice, however the scent doesn't really suit me.

Face Mask: I've never really used one before and I guess I'll be giving it a try just for the heck of it. I feel similar about the cleaning cloths, they're supposed to be infused with honey and I'll probably give it a try for the heck of it. 

Pro? The only products I really look forward to using is the Kabuki brush and the Osis+ Dust It. The Dust It is full size product, that seems to receive quite high ratings within the online community. It's about the size of a small salt shaker, and full price it is often around $20 so I'm pretty excited to give it a try. Very little product seems to go a long way, it seems that just sprinkling a little of this along the roots is the magical solution that people with flat hair are looking for. Supposedly this product just works wonders giving people voluminous hair. The Kabuki brush is pretty soft and fluffy; however I could already seem some of the brush bristles falling out. They didn't seem very secure to the end.

Continue Subscription? In my opinion, I really like receiving things in the mail. It's like a nicely packaged box of surprises. For $26 I would say its borderline reasonable, but even then I sometimes wonder if it is a waste of my money. Last Luxe Box I got the Eyeko Eyeliner which was really nice, in addition to nail polish. I would say that the contents of this one was much more disappointing, but nevertheless I think that I'm caught up in the whole idea/concept of Luxe Box and will pay for one more box - Spring 2013. I've made sure to complete a Member Profile and hope that the upcoming box will have products that are more relevant. Personally I would really like to receive more make up samples and nail polishes. I guess that trying out the products I normally wouldn't purchase is technically one of the original perks I had in mine when ordering this, but I still hope that the next one will be better. If not, it really will be time to cancel it - instead I'll simply try out another subscription service since there have been so many start ups lately.

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