Monday, 24 December 2012


UWO Science Tips

1) There are two lab manuals for physics - that being said, bring the right one to class.

2) Zinke physics - leaves me speechless. Going to class/ not going to class - either way you're screwed.
It's strange, leaving the exam I had never been more upset in the world. I didn't even have one answer that I was remotely confident in and thought that I probably had a success rate of 35%. I honestly didn't think I would pass the exam, but the Zinke curve will do you wonders. I ended up with a 90 in the class, I have absolutely no idea how; but as long as everyone else fails the same questions as you (less than 20% of the class gets the correct answer) then the question will simply be removed. On our 2012 Fall Exam, he took off nine questions.

3) There are prelabs for physics and chemistry - remember to do them

Do the pre-labs or risk losing 20% of your mark.
Hint: Find old labs from an upper year, they'll save you so much time an effort.

4) Set your goals high, continue aiming for those 90s. Honestly, I think the fact that they prepare you for a 10-15% mark dip is ridiculous. I can definitely see it being true in a social science or an arts course, where essays are marked a lot harder; but in science classes or math, where answers are simply right or wrong this is actually not true. I always thought that once university started 80s would be the new 90s, but I realized for first year at least that 90s are still definitely possible. I know a lot of smart people who were finishing in the mid 90s. I thought that maintaining a minimum of 80 for the Biomedical Sciences/AEO would be scary; but that isn't actually even my goal anymore - I definitely want a mark higher than that.

5) Calculus 1000 is definitely not too difficult of a class. The key is staying caught up, and going to class but you don't actually have to do all of the recommended homework questions. It definitely helps; however the real key to doing well on the midterm/final is doing all the questions in the OLD finals booklet. Personally I did really bad in high school calculus, I struggled with TIPS (an Ontario high school problem) and finished the final with about a 60; but at UWO I finished with a mark about 20% higher!

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