Saturday, 1 September 2012


Summer Haul

I kind of mentioned each item in my earlier posts but here is almost everything from my trip last week in Vancouver/California, man my VISA is gonna be a pain! Since I posted a lot about my trips, if you look at some earlier posts you can just skip to areas where I made bulleted lists and it should have the price beside it.

(: Here it is:

Michael Kors Vanilla Grayson Chain Strap, Stilla Eyeshadow, UD: Pencils, Eyeshadow, Primer; Toofaced Bronzer, Lulu: pants, Yogamat, Running Shorts; Nordstrom PJ Pants (2), F21: Skirt, Dress, Tshirt, Tank; Hollister Jeans + Lace Shorts, Ralph Lauren Shirt, Lesportsac Toiletries and makeup Bag, MBMJ Watch, T. Babaton Shirt, Arc'teryx Jacket 

And as well, I've been shopping for school/room stuff since I'll be moving into the school dorms and this is like a weeks worth:

Oh and earlier this month, I was in Pennsylvania and New York with friends and here is some more stuff I got:
This was about a month ago let me see if I remember: AE Denim jacket + Jeans, F21 Tops + Skirt, Hollister Jean Shorts + Jeans , Tiffany Necklace, H+M Tank, Guess Tank, Charlotte Reusse Belt and Cardigan ( I think I may have already lost it ..)