Saturday, 25 August 2012


Victoria ! - Day 4

Victoria, British Columbia Canada
   Today we awoke to a bright and sunny morning, the weather was great and the view of the harbour from our hotel room was beautiful. After getting ready we walked around the edge of the harbour on our way to breakfast. It's really neat, around here (probably because it's a tourist attraction) since there are many booths and displays set up where people are selling art. The art ranges from wood carvings, wire spinning/bending, murano glass beads to painted art.

 Nearby we found a small bistro/deli (Sam’s Deli) that offered a small breakfast menu facing the harbor which was really fantastic since there was such a nice view.

Liege Waffle from WannaWaffles
Brussel Waffle from WannaWaffles
After that we went searching for WannaWaffles, what we had been looking for since yesterday. We had a really great walk there up Government Rd. (which seems like the main street that goes through the town) which has a ton of chocolate stores and performance apparel. Vancouver is home to a lot of athletic/outdoor apparel stores such as MEC, Stormtech, Arc’teryx and more. Eventually we found this waffle place that our server the previous night had raved about, it was actually a very small store inside of the market square. What’s really interesting is that they offer two type of waffles – liege and brussel. The first one is rounder, thick and dense with a nonuniform shape and is made out of dough. It is naturally sweet as well since there is a coating of caramel. The second one is more typical and what people are more used to having, it’s light, fluffy, square and made from a battery. I tried both of them (with different toppings as well such as icing sugar, chocolate, and fruit) and they are both actually completely different waffles. I would definitely recommend that people try both!

Boat tour of Victoria, British Columbia CanadaNext it was still pretty early in the afternoon and so we decided that it would be very exciting to rent a boat and cruise around the harbor. Initially the guy working at the boat-renting company showed some hesitation since my dad didn’t actually have a boating license, fortunately he convinced him that he did have previous experience and we were allowed to take the boat for an hour. It was actually a bit nerve-wracking since we had to make sure to watch out for “blinking lights’! Seaplanes are always landing and taking off so you aren’t allowed to cross certain areas when this is happening. Oh and in addition you have to be travelling at a super slow speed, almost dead slow. We were lucky and didn’t break any water laws, or get any tickets (except maybe a small warning) and all got to take turns driving.

Food from Oak Bay Marina RestaurantFinally, we found a really nice restaurant right off a Marina called Oak Bay Marina Restaurant. It was pretty nice and expensive seeing as most meals were in the ball park of approximately $25 a person! Although it was slightly on the steeper side the service was fantastic and so was the food. The waitress was really helpful with descriptions of the meals (there were so many fish types). I ordered the Grey Cod and it was great along with the vegetables (beans, carrots, beats) and rice!

Later, just because we’ve been kind of in a Waffle craze we decided to check out another store that a friend had recommended me (via twitter) – West Coast Waffles. WannaWaffles is definetly more of an authentic Belgian waffle, whereas this one is more of the typical North American waffle with all the variety of toppings. We ended up choosing one with Nutella and Fresh Strawberries and it was so delicious that I almost wanted to order a second one. They offer some popular combinations with the typical names such as “The Canadian”; however, they also let you personally customize it from the type of batter, to what fruits and syrups they can serve.

Anyways, it has been two days in Vancouver, two days in Victoria and tomorrow we will be in Seattle!

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