Saturday, 25 August 2012


Vancouver + Victoria - Day 3

Today we visited Granville Island, which is actually a tiny island underneath a bridge. It's very interesting and artsy, and is where Emily Carr University is located. What we spent the most time doing was wandering around what I believe was the Farmer's Market - it's actually extremely similar to Toronto's version of Kensington Market but for some reason I seemed to like it even more! There was a plethora of cultural food which is perfect to fit the needs of Vancouver. What really made my mouth water was a Bakery which featured Nanaimo bars, Red Velvet Cupcakes and pastries. There was also a  gelato store, and a store selling Fudge - lots of it. I have such a soft spot for fudge, and even though it is fairly expensive I always like to indulge in it every once in a while - in fact it's probably a good thing that it's so expensive or I would probably always be eating it! There was also this cute little Indian store (these are more like the stores that you would see in a food court) that was selling food in these little container's, a tingkat, that looked really interesting.

Thanks to Urbanspoon we actually found a small Japanese restaurant called 'Sushi Bar' where we had lunch. I thought the food was pretty good and ordered a bento box that was very economical (about $8) as it offered a lot of food including beef teriyaki, salad, rice, 6 pcs of sushi, tempura shrimp and vegetables.

Overall I thought Granville Island was a great visit, and totally agree with some friends who told me that it was a must-see for any visitor to Vancouver!

Afterwards we headed to the ferry so that we could go and see Victoria, BC's capital, on Vancouver Island. For me it was actually a very cool experience as I had never driven onto a ferry before! Everyone just drives there car in forward and parks after the car infront of them has stopped moving. It was very pleasant on the ferry, it was only approximately 1.5 hours, the weather was great outside and it actually provided my sister and I a great opportunity to take some photos. They have an arrangement of seats on one of the floor like that of a waiting area at the airport, but they also have various lounges and cafeteria's for everyone's comfort. Outlet plugs and wifi is available too so overall the trip was great.

Before arriving to Victoria everyone has always told me that it is a very laid back and slow-paced area. For some reason this caused me to assume that I'd be very bored, as there would be very little to do. I also imagined that it would be somewhat 'countryish' and spaced out. Upon arrival and driving into town I finally understood what everyone ment, and was glad I was wrong. Everything here is laid back, but it has a very nice feel to it. For anyone who's been to Markham, Ontario it kind of reminded me of Main Street Unionville. There are lots of stores, boutiques, pubs and of course the parliament buildings but people are just casually around strolling and taking their time as opposed to the busy lifestyle that most people in bigger cities have. It's extremely pretty as well since downtown Victoria centers around a harbour, which we are lucky enough to have a view of from our hotel room (we got a free upgrade)!

Thanks to the Urbanspoon app once again, we used it to find food - we ended up deciding on pho. It was a small little authentic restaurant that was family owned, the food was really great and the waitress gave us some really great service. She actually recommended a great place for waffles which I can't wait to check out tomorrow "WannaWaffles", supposedly they make some excellent authentic belgian waffles. They were also featured in Dragon's Den.

Anyways it was another great day with some really nice sunny weather - hopefully it continues for the next week!

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