Thursday, 23 August 2012


Vancouver! - Day 2

A few months back, I was googling around for a good workout and I came across "Grouse Grind". See, I thought it was a workout, but I soon found that it was actually a tourist attraction found here in Vancouver, BC. Grouse Mountain, has a trail which is known as the aforementioned and it's gain recognition as nearly 100,000 hikers go up the mountain. It has an elevation of 2800 ft, and is known as  Mother Nature's Stairmaster and when I arrived today I learned how tiring it actually was!

Grouse Grind in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada

Grouse Grind in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada
These pictures don't even begin to depict how tough some parts of the route were.
The trail gives you quarterly marks which seem to take forever to appear. I went with family and so we decided to take our time with lots of breaks so that everyone would be make it through and took about two hours. The average person takes about 1.5 hours, whereas the elite hikers can do it in in under an hour. Something that was mind-boggling for me to wrap my head around (after walking up this long trail myself), is how fast the world record holder completed the trail! The unofficial record, is 23 minutes which is truly unfathomable. Some google searches seem to show that it is possible to burn approximately 1100 calories - talk about a good workout!

The day before we visited the Lululemon outlet, today we visited the outlet and head office of Arc'teryx! This was more at the request of my father who is a really big fan of this company, they make fantastic jackets that are very well made. These jackets are extremely expensive due to the fact that they are so great for outdoor activities (snowboarding, biking) and keeping people warm. Prices regularly range (from what I saw) at $200-1100; but they are heavily discounted at this outlet. Our family was all able to find something that was useful for us, and actually ended up buying clothing articles for each other as belated presents. 

We also visited Pacific Centre where a google search told me Aritzia's Flagship store was located at. From what I thought, Flagship usually means it is it's biggest location; however, I really felt that it wasn't that big. In all honestly it doesn't seem that much bigger than a few in Toronto! We hung around for less an hour where I only found one basic shirt that was on sale. 

In the afternoon we had called in to make a reservation for a "Harbour Cruise" after seeing it shown in one of our tourist maps. For $80 it takes you around Vancouver ( I'm bad at directions and so I don't actually know which part) in the evening and offers a buffet. The dress code is business casual; however, I definitely saw a few people taking this very laidback dressing in jeans. The boat ride was very nice since the water was calm, and it was definitely a great way to see Vancouver. You could see the sunset, and the night skyline. It's really fantastic, unlike Toronto the landscape isn't flat, and so you can see the lights of houses as they go up the mountain. In addition to that there definitely is a nice skyline of the coast. They also had live music playing throughout the night which definitely adds to the atmosphere. The food was also pretty good with the main course being salmon and beef. For $80, it was definitely a good experience for those who want to see Vancouver from another perspective.

Now approximately 12 hours later my legs are aching and feel extremely tired and sore - I guess I won't be going on a morning run tomorrow. Two days and I feel like we've done so much, I can't wait to continue on this vacation and to see what else we do!

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