Wednesday, 22 August 2012


Vancouver! - Day 1

Arrived in Vancouver today! Slept through most of the flight, except the very end when I wokeup with blinding sharp pain in my forehead which slowly moved to the center of my skull. I was feeling a bit stuffy, and so I think it had to do with my sinuses but it felt like there was so much pressure that I would explode!

After we got there, we rented a car so that we could drive around and see Vancouver for ourselves. Richmond is very similar to Toronto's Markham area, it has a really big asian influence and culture. We went to Steveston where we had lunch and had some delicious food: seafood linguine, oysters (not that great - a bit too warm), halibut fish n chips (so good that we had another order), and a breaded bowl of chowder!

Next we visited the Aberdeen centre which is Vancouver's version of Pacific mall; except it's much nicer inside. I mean that it's a lot cleaner, and spacious, so it feels a lot more like a regular mall. Dad actually saw his highschool after we wandered upon it, after talking to a friend aparently he went to a really nice prep school for boys! Vancouver College has a really nice football field, and actually looks super legit. 

Vancouver is actually home to a bunch of stores like Lululemon and Aritzia (two stores that I really like) so it's actually really neat visiting here. Lulu actually has a factory outlet store which we visited; however, I didn't find it that exciting as their prices were pretty much the same as what they show online and on their clearance racks. Aritzia, on the other hand I'm excited to see their flagship store.

We drove through Stanley park and it's absolutely gorgeous! It's so naturey and has the nicest routes for running, theres a LOT of people who are constantly jogging or rollar blading. People here are so healthy (they're actually super nice too from what I've noticed).

After arriving at our hotel, we rested up for a bit and went to have dinner at Basil Pasta Bar. We actually found this using Urbanspoon (first time using it) based on the "Nearby" option, and one with a high % of likes - in this case 90. It's actually really great, its approximately $10 per person and you order first before sitting down which makes it feel a little bit like fast food. But in all honesty, the quality of the food was fantastic - what some people will often pay $20 + at nicer sit down restaurants! You can even customize your order, they let you choose the type of pasta, sauce, meat, vegetables and any garnishes that you want. My family and I definitely enjoyed this place, and would recommend it to anyone looking for somewhere to have dinner.

Vancouver downtown is actually really nice, it was built/structured really nicely. They actually have some really nice bicycle lanes that actually encourage people to bike for a change since so many of these lanes are available throughout the city. They're protected from the regular traffic with a tiny barricade which mainly consists of bushes/plants. It really is just nice going through it, although we drove today I'm excited to walk through it and get some shopping (hopefully) done!

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